Felina and Allura VS Blitz and Tenma

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For my next fight, Lt. Felina Feral from Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron and Allura from Voltron: Defender Of The Universe(1980's original show)battle it out against Blitz from Road Rovers and Dr. Kenzo Tenma from Monster. No vehicles for anyone, though everyone gets their weapons, powers, abilities, skills, wits, talents, equipment, gear, etc. The fight takes place in the city of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and it's a two on two battle with two rounds. In both of them, bloodlust is on with both teams having prepped, and no BFR or soloing is permitted. Further, if one member of each team wins? You know the drill. Those winners go at it, and the winner of that fight wins the whole thing for their team. Now, the two rounds are as follows...

Round 1: Felina fights Blitz and Allura fights Tenma

Round 2: Felina fights Tenma and Allura fights Blitz

So, what's the outcome of Round 1? And what's the outcome of Round 2? Make sure you tell me not only whether the Team 1 girls or the Team 2 boys win each of the two rounds, but also be sure to tell me why and how.

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Why is Tenma in this? He has no combat experience what-so-ever.

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Team 1, LOL all these SWAT Kat threads make me want to go back and watch a few eps lol.
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Yeah, I'd encourage you to see some episodes. Swat Kats was a good show. Btw, when you said Team 1, that means both of the girls win against their opponents in both rounds, right? Just so I'm clear.

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