False Super Saiyan Goku VS Namek Saga Vegeta

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Who wins the battle of the false super saiyans?

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@nishi99: Which Namek Vegeta? Anytime before the Frieza confrontation gets his shit wreaked. Anytime after wreaks Goku.
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@SpeedForceSpider: The fight with Frieza in his final form but from what i know shouldn't Vegeta's power level be about the same as Frieza's third form which is about the same as Lord Slug's by most numbers.If thats the case Goku should have a good chance since he was owning Slug with false super saiyan.

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Actually my friend, Lord Slug should be around second form Frieza's at best(that's me being nice) I really think first form. I remember King Kai saying strong as Frieza but third form wasn't even revealed yet in the canon. But if its that Vegeta then Goku is gonna get pwned.
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@SpeedForceSpider: I think King Kai said that he might be stronger than Frieza (Second Form) but i need to check the correct subs/dubs for that. Even when Goku turned False SSJ and gave Slug a pounding, Slug was still confident in his abilities. After the assault he smiled and told that Goku was full of suprises and ripped his own arm off and he didn't look like someone who was scared or about to give up. He was confident, unafraid and eager to fight again even after those hits.

I gotta ask.. how strong was Goku/Frieza during there first fight? I think the official sources say that Goku's PL was around 3 million and during there battle Frieza told that he was using only 1% of his power and moments later raised it to 50% witch is 60 million. So how strong was Frieza if his statement is correct about using 1%? because if thats true then Vegeta's PL would be around 1.5-2 million because Goku did far better than Vegeta did.

The English dub of the movie doesn't mention that Slug is stronger than Frieza (as far as i remember) so i'm gonna find the official jap version to confirm it. Its pretty hard to place these movies in the right timelines, i was confident i had it figured out but it seems i made some huge errors. So for now i don't know who's gonna win this fight.

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Vegeta after revival is stronger than that version of Goku.

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