Fairy Tails Dragon King Vs Ten Tails

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who would win this epic battle

-To The Death

-No Holding Back

-Destroyed Leaf Village

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How powerful is the Dragon King?

The ten tails is pretty much a God in the Naruto verse and has been said to be the creator of everything, not just chakra. Kurama stated that it was a god that created countries and had the power to swallow oceans, split the land, and carry mountains.

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Of now, Ten Tails

Since it have the most feats, also why make a battle of a character who haven't appear in the manga yet? The Dragon King have no feats

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Who the heck is the Dragon King?? is he a filler character?? I don't know him cause honestly I haven't watched all the Fairy Tail episodes even the fillers since I only read the manga...

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