Fairy Tail vs Strawhats (READ OP)

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Decided there were a lot of mismatches lately between Luffy and FT characters, so figured I'd do this.

BASE SPEED is equalised for all characters involved.

All combatants begin 100m away from each other. Straight battle in an open field.

Round 1: the entire FT guild (including Mystogan, Laxus, Gildarts and Makarov) vs the Strawhats. All abilities are allowed EXCEPT FAIRY LAW, all are in character.

Round 2: the same as before, except fairy law is allowed and FT get backup from Jellal 5 minutes into the fight.

Round 3: same as round 2, except this time it's both Jellal and Jura, AND SPEED IS NOT EQUALISED.

Who wins this battle royale and in which rounds?

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i dont know...a jet galting should be able to destroy most of the mages there. only the tops would survive an attack like that.

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Luffy probably loses round 2 and round 1 if speed is equal. Round 3 I'm thinking he could win gauntlet style or small groups at a time but all of them at once may be a bit too many given the amount of versatility.
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I'm siding with FT on most rounds

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I really think Robin solos 
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