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I might make a respect thread with and... whomever the third one it was that knows about Dies Irae-verse. Then again, they'll most likely be thrown into the banlist after the ''Whom can defeat Reinhard'' thread gets closed.

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Should probably make a Bastard!! respect thread, but should probably research first since memory in detail is still fuzzy.

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I am thinking about doing some respect threads as well

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Guess Zoro is Mountain+ DC now.

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@EG_Sage: How does making a Dies Irae respect thread sound? I'll see if I can get a translation up and running on the feats.

Edit: I am not sure to be honest... but it might just be the drawing that is confusing me.

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@EvilMegaCookie: Yea I'll see if I can help you with a respect thread.

And, yeah the drawing is difficult to scale by,but since Pica's hand is city level you can scale it off that and would get Mountain/Mountain+ DC since Zoro sliced his body into smaller chunks.

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Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Final Fantasy

I think that's it as far I remembered. I usually update it and not bump the thread.

I was glad to see users posting that they will make new feat threads. Looking forward to it. I will check for formatting and plagiarism. Beware of that. If you take someone's work, make sure you properly cite the source and give credit.

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Can I help out with the naruto ones I know all info on it

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Sure you can contribute as long as you work hard to make it informative and you don't plagiarize, too.


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@takashichea: I know I'm supposed to make a Respect Thread but I couldnt figure out how to make a page dedicated to Misaka. If you can just make a page and link it to me, I'll move all this to there. Until then, I kinda need this as a reference.

  • What even her ordinary attacks are like.

1) "Her words seemed lighthearted enough, but the girl baring her canines was glaring at Kamijou.

The high voltage current that had scattered into the surroundings had been powerful enough to burn the steel framework of the bridge, yet,

Kamijou’s right hand had not been blown off by the direct hit. …In fact, it lacked even a single burn.

Kamijou’s right hand had erased the girl’s electrical strike that numbered a few hundred million volts."

2) "There were only 7 meters between Kamijou and Mikoto. That distance was too great for Kamijou to reach her in one step, but it was well within the range of Mikoto’s electrical attacks that moved at the speed of light. It was obvious at a glance who had the advantage and who had the disadvantage given the distance."

3) "Even with a right hand that could completely negate those light-speed lightning spears, it was sheer coincidence that they struck his right hand."

4) "There was no way to evade. After all, he was against a bluish-white lightning spear shot from a Level 5’s hair. It was an experience like watching a thundercloud fire a bolt at light speed and then trying to dodge it."

  • She can even conjure up entire storm clouds and fire lightning strikes capable of City-wide blackouts.

  • Her maximum output

  • Misaka applying a non-stop lightning strike on the artificial angel, AIM BURST. Said creature had a barrier up that redirected the lightning away from it and it still got incinerated from the sheer heat of the attack.
  • Her Radar Sense and how she can use her Magnetism to escape explosions (note she was temporarily deaf and blind from a flash grenade)

  • An example of her control over magnetism

  • Her redirecting Mugino's laser (First one had her predicting ahead of time the attack, but the vid after is a clear reaction feat to Mugino's attack, which is laser made up electrons moving at high speed)

  • And just because this was awesome
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@CosmicKnight75: Oh it's easy to make a dedicated page.

  1. Search on the wiki for Misaka Mikoto.
  2. On the left side of the page where normally the main board section is go to forums.
  3. Click on create a new thread.
  4. Name Misaka Mikoto respect thread.
  5. Post the entirety of what you just posted here above me in there.
  6. Maybe split up all the feats into their respective categories (into attack DC/speed, reactions and powers idk).
  7. Post the thread. Actually it's just like here on the battle forums.
  8. Win.

If you want i can go and create it but as i am not as far in that series as you yet i don't feel i could insert anything there and i would feel useless in there for that. I suggest you create it, it's your idea after all :D

EDIT: I forgot always begin it with a small introduction on who she is and here status in the series (like Tokiwadai's ace, one of the 7 level 5 espers in the world etc).

EDIT once more: What i just typed didn't really help, did it?

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@HungryWorld: @CosmicKnight75:

Sorry, I got home pretty late from Church. What HungryWorld said. If you post the thread, I can condense your images and organize for you. I have to fix my computer a bit n a sec. Glitching a bit here.


3-19-15: added

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I started a Gdoc for this project. I will save everyone's work. Just hit me on twitter if you need access (should you lose the link).

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