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so on comic vine does any know this user SSJLozza?

"Because at least 3 of the Z fighters are Planet busters +, and Goku is ftl (implying so are the others as Gohan and Vegeta are depicted as being just as fast) they also have ftl reaction speeds, and most importantly instant transmission allows them to appear above, in front, beneath, or behind any character whenever they want. Not to mention they have durability above most (although not all) of the other characters. They can't lose, Yamcha or Krillin could beat any of the enemies 1 on 1 ffs!"

How do you know their reaction times are slower than the Flash's? Just because he's the fastest in DC doesn't mean that he's faster than characters from other franchises. Who of these can possibly shrug off a planet buster then? If it was Silver Age I agree that Supes would tank a Planet buster but definitely non of the others, I mean come on WW isn't even bulletproof.

How do you know Flash is any faster than the Z fighters? The Superman sneeze thing, when did that happen? The only two DC characters that even matter here are Supes and WW, and Z fighters are faster, stronger and far more skilled than them.

Hang on you've just said Flash is faster than the Z fighters, and then said we have no idea how fast the Z fighters are, that doesn't add up. We know Goku to be FTL as Raditz said it. Fair enough on the Superman thing that could cause a problem, i still think Z fighters win but they couldn't solo, unless Vegeta and Goku fuse.

Dbz characters are reuglarly shown as planet busters, when Goku only charged up to SSJ3 there were hurricanes and tsunamis world wide. How can you anyone honestly think that WW who sometimes is shown using effort to lift cars etc and can't take a bullet (which Goku did at the beginning of DB when he was 12!) can hold a candle to his power? Likewise Supes, WW and MM had to combine their power to drag the moon! Roshi destroyed the moon in DB with a power level of 139- Goku has a power level of hundreds of millions by the end of DBZ, he's definietly at least SS buster.

How do you know Flash to be faster than Z fighters though? You're just assuming cos that's his only power that he MUST be faster than Z fighters. We have no idea how fast Goku is save that he's ftl therefore there is a possibilty that he's every bit as fast as Flash. The argument of this being a mistranslation is one I've never heard before (not saying it was you who said it) does anyone have proof of this being a mistranslation?

I never said he was faster I just said we don't know either way, Z fighters don't tend to have the same "feat" measurement everyone seems so sold on Powerscaling was the idea. I know Toriyama dismissed it himself however given that DBZ doesn't have the class 100 etc system its the only thing we can go on. No Raditz said Goku was ftl, are you calling Raditz a liar?! You seem awfully worked up for what should just be a bit of fun- debating fictional characters. Now if we are to go by feats then I think DBZ actually far outclasses the JLA and the avengers- mountains are destroyed almost every episode simply by characters flying through them. Also the powerup of Goku at SSJ3 causng disasters stands, given that he certainly wasn't trying to make such things happen imagine what a non-genki dama full powered Kamehameha could do, then imagine what Mystic Gohan who is stronger than DBZ Goku at his strongest could do. Scared now aren't we?!"

Like really what a extreme DBZ fan boy

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@SMXLR8: Don't use names. And who would want to see their profile?

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@UltimateHero0406: well i was asking if you knew the useer

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@SMXLR8: I'm not quite seeing how that is important. And you still shouldn't use names.

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@UltimateHero0406: Lol some of those Lozza comments were directed towards me on Vine...

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@UltimateHero0406: well i fixed it kind of anyway

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@SMXLR8: Thank you kindly.

@MarioRedfield: Yeah, I saw the thread a while ago. I imagine it must be fun for you when people underestimate Superman and you get to school them lol.

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@UltimateHero0406: Not really. I find it annoying especially when people say Superman cannot survive planetary explosions.

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@MarioRedfield: Cause he can't :P

but yeah it's dumb when they say that, when clearly he has survived Super Novas.

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@sjoerd444444 said:

speed of goku is reduced to hulks speed so your comment does not make sense saying it and it is also HAND TO HAND so claping is not allowed if goku had normal speed it would be 2.3 times light speed fast enough to dodge sound

also the lifting power of the hulk is not important so keeping the continent together does nog matter either

you use differenct muscles to lift and punch

if you lift things you use muscles who you prepare for it if you use them to punch you use different muscles.

if you lift things you only train those muscles not the muscles to punch

goku does not train his power to lift but to punch so he is stronger then the power he can weight

hulk i have only heard that he lifts are hold together heavy things that does not prove the power of his punches

not saying he is weak but lesser powerfull in hand to hand then at lifthing/ throwing stuff

I'll rate him at 2 or 3. I'm pretty sure worst will fall in my path.

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@MarioRedfield said:

I still think the idea of this thread is ridiculously mean and uncalled for.

I agree. How do the people facepalming know that they are right in the first pace? Seems pretty pretentious.

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this argument:

@SMXLR8 said:

@othus12: not sure but this won't be a easy fight

so...you dont know their feats but you know this wont be an easy fight.

Seems legit

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@othus12: not sure why you posted this here....I mean feats are not everything just saying

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A perfect time to bring this back from the dead...

Everyone, say hi to hater of Fate and fellow Bleach wanker, supernova7005.

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You think that's bad?

CBR has mods that think Fate/HA is not canon even though it's made by Type-Moon and NASU, and that Hrunting is an "inconsistent" feat. They enforce it too. They actually think that UBW Shirou would lose to Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Yeah. He would only need one projection to kill the kid. Not to mention all their other hypocritical bullshit and rulings.

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@FalconC2: Unless Kirito has superhuman attributes while in the game (I've yet to plow through all of SAO, so pardon my ignorance of not knowing things), then he'd be fucked. Outside of Shiro actually being a competent swordsman with his projections, the weapons also grant him the superhuman capabilities of their owners.

It also looks like the fools are downplaying the capabilities of Rhos Aias (big attacks, my ass) and Avalon (ignoring the sheath's ability to reflect attacks). -_-*

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Online Now
OBD has heavy bias when it comes to the HST among other characters. They can't emphasize enough that One Piece >> Bleach >>> Naruto. Even though I more or less agree with that order as a whole, they go so far as blatantly mocking Bleach and Naruto in their descriptions. Calling Bleach a poor copy of Yu yu Hakusho, and it's worse with Naruto. Examples of bias are Akainu with no intangibility could beat Dangai Ichigo, or Rob Lucci could stalemate Kyubi Cloak Naruto. I like the site because of its efforts to make a massive detailed encyclopedia of characters and feat calculations, but the bias is too great for me to take a number of the calcs and battles seriously.
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It's actually One Piece >>> Naruto >>> Bleach in terms of pecking order over there. At the moment anyway.

They're also predominate members who are legitimate fans. Fluttershy for instance, likes Naruto. So, saying that the bias is universal over there is wrong. They're also more than capable of admitting a character would lose even when it's against an other character or verse that they don't like. It's just that people tend to miss that in favor of ranting about other people ranting about a series they like. At least they try to quantify things in favor of going off vague assumptions and generalizations. Beside, can you guys honestly say you don't have a bias towards something either? We all do. It's only human. Generalizing them as one whole is just naive.

I specified the mods when I said CBR because they are generally terrible (and there's only three of them) and particularly biased amongst the many members of CBR. The same goes for senior pretentiously obnoxious himself Pendaran, who the mods and administrators love to bend over backwards for. That doesn't change the fact that they have reasonably good members like Estrecca and Hazard too.

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hey folks more DBZ fanboys ranting there in BOLD

"Goku could whoop the whole justice leauge anyway"

"do your research on Goku before you come bitching to me. You don't know shit about Goku and anyway if your bringing in the justice league then ill bring in Vegeta motherfucker"

"Are you retarded? You brought up JLA and insinuating that Goku can beat these guys, which is only based on dumb information. You are ignorant about JLA. I've read and watched DBZ. and I read comics books from around the world. You can bring in Vegeta and the JLA would still win. I know how powerful Goku and Vegeta are,but there not at most comic book characters level."

"ha ha ha you have know idea what Goku or Vegeta is capable of and anyway super saiyan god would destroy the whole justice league without even trying but wait he would destroy them all just in base form and about Vegeta he wouldn't need Vegeta i just said that to see how you would react"

"even bulma can beat superman ...."

"The JLA struggled to beat the rogues, they stand no chance against some one who can blow up planets casually."

"Superman and Green Lateran are casually planet busters. Their speed and durability is higher than Goku's. Flash would kill Goku before he could do anything via speed blitz."

"Spoken like a true fan boy who know nothing of Goku Goku is far stronger and much faster by instant transmission aka (Instant) lets see Flash take on a super kamehameha to the face. Goku rapes Flash"

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