Espada vs Marvel Earth (Read OP)

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" Why would Sue not be able to kill Barrigan the same way he was beaten in the manga? On top of that, how are any of them, except maybe Barrigan, surviving Johnny's Nova Burst or Bobby's absolute zero? No one in Bleach deals that kind of damage. Stark was beaten by some sword swings along with Halibel. Aaronero is a joke, completely. From what has been shown, Yami is just a big brick. He, however, does not have half the strength, speed, or durability feats that Hulk, Juggs, or Herc do. This whole battle is a steamroll for team Marvel. The only exception being Barrigan who will require some special treatment, but he cannot solo the whole Marvel U. Some of you are talking like he looks at you and you get hit by his death move. It is not amaterasu. I actually has to chase you. I will say though, 'Mesh, you do love these one anime team vs a whole universe threads. You can't have characters on this level of power also be able to play the numbers game. "
Do not even bother this kid is just trying to make a spite thread no matter what logic you put in it will get turned down or that character will not be aloud
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Marvel Earth slaughters.
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