Espada Vs. Cp9 & Shichibukai

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Espada Including Nelie & Yammy  
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barragan smoke them all
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CP9 and Shichibukai get crush by the Espada SP.

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Explain your reasons before you posts, I don't want noobey posts on here...
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I did explain  
They get crush by their Reiatsu AKA Spiritual Pressure AKA SP
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This is a terrible match.  It doesn't make any sense for them to fight and it goes something like this: ghost world gives ghosts power, water world you earn power.  Even Darwin couldn't make sense of this match up.  Espada are just dumb.  They are those kind of "show up and I'm super powerful for no reason," antagonists.   I'd compare it to Dragon Ball Z when Freeza appears, but at least that felt like it was a final battle to prove who is the stronger alien.  CP9 were kind of that way too but they were the definitive assassins for the World Government.  They came across as insane martial arts masters with a license to kill..  And the Shichibukai are just dope, period.  So the World Government wins.  Why?  Because they're cooler.  And because I live in a real world, not a whack ass ghost land.
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" Ghost World? One Piece Makes No Absolute Sense, And it's Beyond Spirituality. A Guy who could turn Girls Into Guys And Guys Into Girls Also With A Dude Who Can Take Other Body Parts Into Tools. Why Are You Here, Simply Making Fun Of An Anime? What Are You Trying To Prove Here? That One Piece Is More Realistic Than Bleach? Both Of These Animes Don't Take A Realistic Turn, Unlike FMA Which Is The Only Realistic Anime. So, Please State Your Reason Why CP9 & Shichubukai Win? And The Espada Aren't Those People That  Just Pop In And Attack Everyone? The Espada Are Really Smart Unlike Pirates. Szayel Is An Intelligent Espada Member, Being Able To Conduct Highly Trap Skills With His Fraccision.  Also They Do Convert Conversations Instead Of Pointless Battles, Watch Bleach More...
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Espada stomps this.
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 Espada stomps this.    

agree :)
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