Espada vs Akatsuki and Sannin

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@hitsusatsu11 said:
" @sickVisionz said:
" I think it's more of a case by case thing.  Sasori, Kazuku, Madara, Jiraiya, Pain, Itachi and Sasuke could definitely hold their own against any Espada.  Orochimaru might be able to hold his own depending on who he fights.  Konan will be killed in seconds.  Kisame will be in a tight spot.  Hidan won't be killed but he'll be reduced to a talking head.  Sasuke's squad will be dead in seconds.  Tsunade will die almost immediately.
  • Sasori can summon 100 puppets with poison weapons and if you kill his main body he can pop into a puppet body and still be good to go.
  • Itachi is an obvious win imo.  Tsuyomi gives him Aizen's powers.  Ameterasu makes him Captain Commander Bankai level and Susanoo+Magis Sword makes him invincible with a a one hit kill on anyone he slices
  • Kazuku can do a wide variety of bankai level attacks
  • Madara can't be physically touched and he can make a person disappear into an alternate dimension just by looking at them.
  • Pain is incredibly difficult to attack, he can absorb any reiatsu based attacked, he can summon monsters, he can revive defeated people, etc
  • Jiraiya can flood the entire battlefield with oil and burn everyone alive and he has that Frog genjutsu
  • Sasuke = Itachi but with even more super hack abilities
  • Orochimaru has a wide variety of jutsu, he can revive dead people he can summon like a million snakes with magic swords for tongues, if he gets too injured he can body jump.  If he and Madara/Itachi work together (with Oro getting sent to an alternate dimension where time doesn't pass and he can prepare his jutsu) he can potentially revive ANYONE who is defeated (friend or foe) and make them fight for him.
 Plus, for all of the hype the Espada got beat left and right by some low level shinigami or pwned by high level Shinigami ie Kenpachi beating someone by holding his sword with two hands, science Captain making a fool of the pink haired science espada, Espada getting defeated by Rukia, Bankai-Full Hollow Tousen getting beat by a vice captain.  Something goes seriously wrong when training the Espada.  When the Akatsuki lose it's usually to super hacked characters with insane abilities. "
I agree with the ^^^^  aboveI don't think its a blowout in favor of Akatsuki or Espada, overall there fairly even with wins and loses coming on an individual basis, I would love to see an itachi ulquira fight that would be epic, but since i  don't think aizen is being counted for team espada and madara is for team akatsuki, plus jiraiya sage mode is very helpful here, i give the slight edge to the akatsuki, if aizen were included then really it could go either way. "
If Aizen were included I think it would be a stomp. I think espada would win easily anyway but adding Aizen to what you described as a close battle would effectively double the espada power as Aizen is supposed to more powerful than the ten espada combined.
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