EoS Goku vs. Dark Phoenix.

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@Sonata said:

Goku dies horribly.
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Goku dies from being overused in the battle forums.

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Dark phoenix curbsstomp

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Dark Phoenix can eat stars, kill galaxies and zip massively FTL across the cosmos. Goku's screwed.


@NatsuDragneelFanBoy said:


and this


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Dark Pheonix wins easily

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Dark Phoenix should win.

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Yup. Nothing has changed as far as the outcome is concerned.
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What did Goku ever do to deserve this level of stomp o.o?

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@eddz99 said:

I'm gonna defend goku.

EoS goku GT has a high possibility of winning while EoS Goku Z has lesser than 0% chance of winning.

Since GT Goku Base form = SSJ3 and SSJ3 = Kid Buu and Kid buu = Solar system buster then

Gokussj3(DBZ) x800 can literally destroy a galaxy, even then we can assume that EoS GT Goku is the hundred years goku, which we can assume to be more powerful than gogeta SSJ4 that is atleast 2000x stronger than goku SSJ3 ( DBZ ) he might even be able to do some hax moves if the series continued, but for now we can't show enough feats.

Where are you getting that Kid Buu is a solar system buster? His best feat (Vanishing Ball, destruction of Earth) is small star at absolute best.

Also, GT is noncanon.

As for Phoenix, I'd post some images of her holding and saving universes and such, but I can't get images to post.

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