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who in the supernovas could have cleared enies lobby under the same conditions the strawhats were (buster call included)?


Drake pirates vs enies lobby

Hawkins pirates vs enies lobby

Kidd pirates vs enies lobby

Law pirates vs enies lobby

bonney pirates vs enies lobby

apoo pirates vs enues lobby

you get the idea:

who of them could defeat the cp9 and escape the buster call?

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Well we don't know anything about much of their crews, if anything most of the supernova's strength and fame seemed to come solely from the captain, that seemed to be the case with Drake, Hawkins, Bonney, and Apoo from what we've seen, based on that I actually believe some of them were stronger than Luffy (Drake and Apoo mostly).

I'd say Drake, Apoo, Kidd, and Law clear it. Hawkins didn't really seem all that great in his appearance, and well Bonney, well we saw what happened to her, yes it was Blackbeard that took her out but he commented that she was weak for someone supposed to be one of the supernova's.

EDIT: Really Kidd should stomp here I think, couldn't he just control metal and fly away to escape the buster call too? Or hell, actually send the cannonballs back at the marines, lol

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Drake, Kid/Killer, and Law could probably clear it. I might throw in Hawkins as well. Bonney, Capone Bege and Urouge probably not. As for Apoo, based on his post time skip bounty he seems monstrous but going by his feats pre time skip, I question if he could clear this.
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