Edward Eric Runs The Batman Beyond Gauntlet

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If Ed lose or wins a fight, he'll go on to the next fight fully heal
All are bloodlust
Ed get little info about his opponents, only there equipment

-1 Philosopher's Stone 
He can only use it once 
First Fight 

Curare's Equipment
-1 Scimitar
-10 Daggers
The fight take place in Xerxes
Each start out about 30 Meters apart

Second Fight

Spellbinder's Equipment 
-2 Eye Balls 
The fight take place in Rush Valley 
Each start out about 30 Meters apart 

Third Fight

Shriek's Equipment  
-Shriek Suit  
The fight take place in Laboratory 5 
Each start out about 50 Meters apart 

Fourth Fight

Inque's Equipment
The fight take place in Reole
Each start out about 30 Meters apart   

Fifth Fight

Mr.Freeze's Equipment
-1 Freeze Suit
Ed's Equipment 
-Winter Automail
The fight take place in Briggs  
Each start out about 80 Meters apart 

Can Ed run this?


Post by Haofan123 (3,675 posts) See mini bio Level 13

Ed probably loses

Post by taichokage (17,856 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@Haofan123 said:

Ed probably loses

I agree, but wow, most of these are unpopular characters. At least Joker and Bane should have been here.
Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21
They from Batman Beyond, Bane is a old man in Beyond 
Really, you think Ed don't have a chance against them, they can be beat you know 
I place all the fights in fair battlefield, that give Ed a little edge
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Idk the others but Ed can take Iceman ,I mean his sole power is to freeze things .Ed has way more varied offense. 
Post by Haofan123 (3,675 posts) See mini bio Level 13
How is making Ed fight Mr freeze in the Briggs mountains an advantage to Ed? For one, Mr freeze+Cold=Eds royally f*cked and second of all, if either one of them strays off the path, they get shot on sight. Idk about mr freeze, but ed cant exactly take a bullet through the his brain an walk it off
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Been quite a while since I last seen Batman Beyond. Let's see:
-Curare- Curare's sword is capable of cutting through metal which would pose a big problem for Ed if he chooses to go into close-quarters combat by making a blade with his automail arm. He definitely has a chance of overwhelming her in ranged combat with his alchemy. But engaging Curare in close combat raises the likelihood of Curare offing him.
-Spellbinder- Weak sauce compared to Curare. The illusions via Spellbinder's "eyes" are the only thing he has going for him as he is otherwise a weak fighter. Using anything within vicinity as a weapon would be the only means Spellbinder has at victory. If Ed can figure out reality from illusion, then Spellbinder is royally screwed.
-Shriek- Ed is screwed in this battle. Shriek's suit allows him to engage in both ranged and close range combat as he can use the immense sound frequencies emitted from the suit to get Ed's eardrums rocking and fire them as blasts in ranged combat. All Shriek has to do is fire off sound at a high enough sound frequency as pumping up the noise to as high as 200 decibels will cause Ed's lungs to rupture and make him die from an embolism.
-Inque- Ed's screwed yet again. Inque will be able to regenerate herself from many of Ed's attacks and being capable of solidifying her appearance, she can ensnare Ed by forming tentacles which would keep him from performing alchemy if his arms are tied up. Ed's only chance would be to transmute Inque's body into another substance provided he can even get an opening on her as she has been shown on enough occasions to overwhelm Terry as Batman.
-Mr. Freeze- A challenging battle, but not impossible for Ed to win. Freeze's new suit allows him to fire ice blasts directly from the suit unlike his old design with the Freeze Gun and I'm assuming it still gives him the same enhanced strength it did for his earlier suits. Ranged and close range combat will be tricky for Ed and the match could go to either man.
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 Here what Shriek and Inque can do
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Edward Elric runs it.....  
as long as he has hope backing him up he will do what needs to be done.... that is why h is such a badass.......
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