Edward Cullen in The Vampire World

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Yeah i am in vampire mood tonight so here is a thread. 
-First of all no hate against the guy (not that he doesn't deserve it) as i just want to see how powerfull he is. He can use feats from the book and movie to try and save his ass. 
He has minimal information (appearenc, where to find him, fighting style but no detailed info on powers) on every of his oponents, and knows he has to eliminate them to move on. He is told that if he loses more fight than he wins, his girlfriend (whatever her name i am to lazy to google it)  will be killed, so he is in a kind of bloodlust. All his enemys will give him a chance and let him attack first. Edward gets 5 hours of prep to explore the area. 
He will also get A silver sword and 5 blessed daggers.
The fight allways takes place in the verse of his opponent. 
Aftre each fight he is completly healed and he moves on to the next fight. 
So he will fight: 
Round 1: Blade 
Edward will start on a rooftop, Blade has his guns and katan, he knows that he is searching a vampire but doesn't know how Edward looks like 
Round 2: Dracula/Justin Drake 
The city is empty, it's night, they start at different parts of the city 
Round 3: Jubilee  
On the street with people 
Round 4: Meier Link 
In a castle, Meier is inside and Edward outside 
Round 5: Luke Valentine 
Douring th Valentine brothers siege, Edward is in Alucard's room (without Alucard that is) and waiting for Luke 
Round 5: The Dandy Man 
In front of the hotel 
Round 6: Rip van Winkle 
On the aircraft carrier 
Round 7: Kain 
They will fight in the spectral realm (both can exsist there if that is not normaly the case for one of them) 
Round 8: Demetri Maximov 
In a forest, and different ends, there are animals in it 
Round 9: Selen 
They fight on a grassy field 
Round 9: Victor 
In his castle 
Round 10: Alucard (Castlevania) 
In his Daddy's castle 
Round 11: Dio Brando 
In Cairo as in the The World vs Platinum Star fight 
Round 12: Dracula (Castlevania) 
In his castle 
Round 13: Nero Chaos 
Douh, i am running out of ideas 
Round 14: D 
At the river he fought Marcus 
Round 15: Alucard 
In London after Nazi invasion 
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@Fehafare: Kain cannot enter in the spectral realm, the one who enters in the spectral realm is raziel

Post by Fehafare (9,672 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Allready tought so specified that both can if not allready abel to do so.
Post by Levance (1,846 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Fehafare:Ok, I didn't catch that part

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...Ed gets completely slaughtered in every match. It's not funny.
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Why would you pit a character from a young-adult romance novel against guys from comics & shonen manga? Isn't that a obvious hate trade?

Also dude's got mind read so only those who completely outclass him physically will defeat him. And i can't believe you put Dio Brando in there, he's FTL and can stop time......

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I don't hate Edward,so i won't be bias like many are, that being said, i honestly can't see him getting past Drake..although he could beat Blade if he played smart and speed blitzed him

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@ReiKai said:

...Ed gets completely slaughtered in every match. It's not funny.

Against Jubilee? I don't think so. She doesn't have the necessary reaction speed.

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Well the last 6 from 10-15 are pretty much murder crumbstomps, just put them in to have a bigger number of rounds. 
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He should go against the Vampire Mandrakk!

In all seriousness, Ed stops at one.

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Oh god, Nero Chaos will practically eat him alive

Post by TheRedRose (1,645 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Blade owns hard
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