East Blue Battle Royal!!!

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  • No poison gas from Don Krieg
  • Kuro is in his prime
  • Arlong does not have his sword
  • Fight takes place in a crowded town
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I see that the Living Legend of East Blue was too great to be in this. Between the 3, Arlong is the strongest so my money would be on him. Although in a Battle Royale, the strongest could attract the most attention and cause the other two to gang up on him, and together they would beat Arlong. The ones left Kuro and Krieg, despite Krieg's superior strength, I'd lean towards Kuro. I think Krieg would struggle too much with his speed. So maybe Arlong 2/3, Kuro 1/3.
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@taichokage: Of course if Buggy was here, it'd be a clear stomp in his favor now. I had to make things fair!

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the bounties speak for themselves

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What othus12 said.
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