Dr. Wheelo vs Vegeta

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Saiyan Saga Vegeta
Saiyan Saga Vegeta


Dr. Wheelo
Dr. Wheelo

Battle takes place in a wasteland

Who wins?

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the robot...very strong and has an armor....and with a special device he can brainwash him....also he can send the biowarriors to distract him...a cross in the tombstone...

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Vegeta easely. When Goku used his Kaio-Ken he ripped Dr. Wheelo's arm clean off and then Wheelo fled the battle. When Goku and Vegeta where fighting Vegeta was holding his own againts Goku who was at Kaio-Ken 2X. The battle doen'st say Wheelo has his henchman so i assume its just Wheelo against Vegeta.

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Vegeta with a stomp...

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Vegeta wins...
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vegeta wins with a little difficulty

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