Dr Manhattan VS Janemba

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@taichokage: bills was never stated galaxy level. destroying something as a side effect of anger isin't the best thing one can do. Whis said "when bills gets angry, galaxy gets erased out of existance" Bills don't even need to try to bust galaxy.

@Justalittlegirl: since finally buu was as good as he was before the blast thus he took it like nothing. I already told you it wasn't just planetry blast. Bills fired twice. First one was possibly planetry level. But Vegeta deflected it like nothing. Then Buu realised their power and fired more powerful blast. Gohan > Kid Buu. But he was unconcious means he couldn't use his ki otherwise he wouldn't have died

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Few days ago, you kept bumping old DBZ vs Comic threads. Folks didn't like that especially for arguments that were old and never ended.

thats why i said why you don't lock these threads ? Just like dbz is not allowed in comic vine similarly marvel and dc comics shouldn't be allowed in animevice. NOT all comics, just marvel and dc. If thread exist then obviously it is for discussion and there is nothing wrong in making comments in them.

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I don't know how many times I have repeated myself. Learn to comment and bump threads appropriately and read the atmosphere. If folks don't to see these old threads with arguments with no end, don't do it. I'm sorry that I had to do this. Good bye, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

We can't ban comic threads because they're not in trouble at this point. The only person causing is you. I don't want to kill everyone's fun because of your opinion since you can't comprehend the consequences of your actions. You don't seem to know Anime Vice well.


Locking it. See the Over The Limit!: AV Battle Community Vote Thread. if you want to open it.

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