Dorugoramon, MetalTyrannomon and Erza vs Cloud and Master Hades

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Dorugoramon and MetalTyrannomon from Digimon partner up with Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail to battle Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy and Master Hades from Fairy Tail! Please post your opinions with a decent explanation and no flaming either side. If anyone wants to know my opinion, just ask. 
Gear- Erza has her Heaven's Wheel armor equipped. Cloud is using the Fusion Blade thing he used in Advent Children.  
Setting- Midnight, there are a couple of Gargoylemon and GeoGreymon as Bystanders. 
Character Version- Erza is current, MetalTyrannomon is Xros Wars version, Dorugoramon is Chronicle version, and Cloud is Advent Children Version. 
Extra Rules- If MetalTyrannomon runs out of ammo, he is out. Grimore Law is only allowed if fight is one-sided.
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I'll have to give it to team one... they have a mega and a Utimate... on top of that you have Erza who could give Cloud a good fight... but then again Hades can use Grimoire Law.. and destroy his opponents just like Fairy Law... so this is a tough one... but I still give it to team one.

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Could you put more info into the battle?

I would say team one should win, they have fire power

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