Doomsday vs Kakashi

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@rein said:
" So is it agreed? can i ask kelleth to lock this "
I don't see the point in asking a mod to lock it, they might as well keep it open to save bandwidth and keep the same thread from being made if it does again.
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@Son_of_Manus said:
"Doomsday and even is by the slim chance Kakashi wins and kills him then Doomsday comes back and there is nothing Kakashi can do since you can not kill him the same way twice so it is a win win for the Kryptonian made killing machine "

In the context of a battle, Doomsday only needs to die once for it to count as a win for the other combatant.
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@geraldthesloth said:
" @rein said:
" @OmegaMekix said:
"Doomsday, his skin is too thick for Kakashi to harm and if Kakashi gets hit even once he will die or be too handicapped to dodge the next attack. "
If Kamui manages to target Doomsday's head, he's dead, simple as that, he cannot resist his head being teleported away. But it is questionable if Kakashi could manage it, how fast is Doomsday exactly?  "
well he was fast enough to kill sa superman lol "
He never fought Silver Age superman..he fought the Modern age version.   Doomsday is fast enough to keep up with the flash stated to go over lightspeed, something Kakashi cannot and will not react to. "

Thanks, that's all I needed to know. If Doomsday is indeed this fast, then this is a major curbstomp in his favour.
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