Donquixote Doflamingo vs Admiral Kizaru

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The fight takes place in Dressrosa. 
No prep.  
Both are in character. 
Win via Death or Incapacitation. 
Kizaru is aware of his surroundings. 
Who wins? 
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It could go either way. Don's ability is well suited for logia types. But even though I think Don is admiral level, I think Kizaru is the strongest Admiral personally. I'd side with Kizaru, but it could turn out to be Don.
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Kizaru takes it after a good fight.
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no. doflamingo was shitting his pants when he saw ao kiji. the same thing would happen against kizaru. not to mention kizaru can survive haki on the level of marco and whitebeard. doflamingo's DF becomes useless.

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He wasn't scared of him. He was just surprised. No one would expect a retired admiral to show up. Aokiji attacked him but Don broke out, which nobody else has actually done yet. He made short work of Law and Mori (he had pacifista in the latter case but they are fodder lever to the monster trio now). Don is clearly above most of the Warlords. The closest thing is Admiral level for him.
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Id give it to Kizaru after a hard fight. Don has offed two Warlords, one of which is one of most hax characters in One Piece, not to mention he is well versed in the use of Haki and has a useful DF at his disposal. Kizaru has him on speed, but idk how the combat will go.

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He also wastelanded Sanji and Smoker (Vice Admiral) and effortlessly took over Diamond Jozu who was dominating Crocodile (a Warlord) and fought on par with Aokiji (Admiral). It should be a hard fight but I would slightly side with Kizaru as things stand. But I think Oda likes Don. He hasn't had any antagonist with as many impressive victories known yet as Don.
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the author loves don i mean look at his character design hes wearing pink flamingo feathers lol.

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