doflamingo vs sasori

Topic started by kasumi1990 on June 7, 2010. Last post by willyvereb 4 years, 4 months ago.
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wth XD
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@ichirei said:
" @Kurohige: can see you try to see through your biased thoughts and look at actual facts? "
What are you talking about? For one I was not being bias as I like Sasori a lot (He may not be my most favorite character but still.) I was not really debating I asked questions, I even said if Sasori got the first move he would win easily, if you would provide actual fact then sure, but I already said based on the arguments I have seen Sasori has this one. ..... -_-
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I am a new man! Lol jk anyway I change my vote back to Doflamingo and bump this thread because Sasori's new reveiled power to control people as well.
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Doflamingo ftw. He doesn't need to attach needles or anything to control his opponents and OP speed is greater than naruto speed particularly in this instance.
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Wow, taichokage is voting against a Naruto character, Im shocked.
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Likewise lol
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@Kurohige: Even he has limits.
The difference of power is ridiculous. Sasori may control more puppets but Doflamingo has the overall edge in speed, power and even techniques.
Hell, his needles likely won't pierce Doglamingo, leaving the poisonous gas as the only measure...which won't happen due to blitz.
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