Dix-Nerf (Diebuster) vs Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

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Let the battle of the planet sized robots begin!

The fight is set on a cruise ship with two swords, five axes and...just kidding it's in outer space.

Apart from the above line, this is a serious battle. Supply good reasons.

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If I recall correctly top tiers in Diebuster are planetary threads. Whereas SGGL by virtue of size can destroy planets like earth with no difficult.

Supposedly according to a databook scan, that someone posted on this forum SGGL is actually much bigger than the moon. GAINAX intended the moon to be smaller than the feet of CGGL. (apparently cggl was compacted inside the "fake moon", you know like some of our organs that are inside of our body)

Anyway the mecha is ten times bigger with giga drill breaker. And we see the mecha destroying anti spiral ships that were probably bigger than jupiter. The giga drill breaker attack should be ftl by virtue of size alone so putting all this together makes me think that the mecha outclasses Dix-Nerf

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There's another uberly over powered mech in Gurren Lagann?

I'm starting to think the creator was over compensating for something...

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