Diavolo VS. Barragan Luouisenbairn

Topic started by Kurohige on Nov. 24, 2012. Last post by Phoenix_Wright 2 years, 4 months ago.
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1. No prep

2. Bloodlust on

3. Barragan starts out in his release form

4. Battle take place in Hueco Mundo

5. Fighters are 10 feet apart

5. Bloodlust on


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Barragan loses 8/10 times, Diavolo can predict exactly 10 seconds into the future and skip time by 10 seconds, Barragan will litterally be able to do nothing as he can't hurt or see or defeat the Stand no matter what and while time is being erased only Diavolo can move, he can go right past Barragan's aging effects and punch his head off with King Crimson, add in that he is FTL and about as strong as Star Platinum, I don't see how Barragan is ever going to hit someone that will know what he will do every 10 seconds and then erase time.

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