Devil Survivor protagonist vs TTGL

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Protagonist follows Naoya's route, meaning he has absorbed the power of all the bel demons and is the demon overlord currently fighting God in heaven with Lucifer's support.

TTGL at its strongest, reality warping and all.

Blood lusted, no prep. Both are at their strongest.

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What are Devil Survivors feats?

Until I find out more about him I'd say TTGL.

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The Devil Survivor's protagonist defeated Metatron, who is stated to be second to YHVH. YHVH is responsible for creating and destroying billions of universes in the span of an eye blink, Metatron acts as his voice and messenger, as well as being his strongest servant. In Strange Journey (another SMT game) Metatron was able to subdue and fuse with a fragment of YHVH called Demiurge, showing that he has some comparable power to YHVH.

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