Detective Battle! Who catches the criminals first!

Topic started by eddz99 on April 22, 2013. Last post by ReliusClover 1 year, 11 months ago.
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Sousuke Sagara



Light Yagami

Pink panther


Round 1 - Lupin the 3rd

Round 2 - Kaitou Kid

Round 3 - Naruto ( Lol he managed to steal hokage's scroll )

Round 4 - Phantom from maple story

Who catches the thieves first?

BTW IF you know more good thieves comment here.

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Conan by far as he's the only detective on the damn thread.

We can go on days about how smart the others are and stuff, but Conan solved got knows how many cases, he does like 3-4 per week.

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@ReliusClover: There are times that he couldn't catch kaitou kid

Post by ReliusClover (784 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@eddz99: Just gonna call PIS on that...

But my point wasn't so much that he was going to catch the criminals, but rather that he's the most competent detective under the competitors.

Also might wanna add Phantom from Maplestory, the guy has stashes filled with so much stuff and treasures all over the world (literally entire towers filled with gold and valuables), has stolen from the Empire, the main faction of the game, stolen their plot device which is a gem, seduced and banged the empress, had a change of heart, killed the main villain of the verse with some other heroes, was frozen with them for a few hundred years, came back trolled the new main villain and decided to troll the followers of the old villain he killed and oh he has his own flying ship.

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