Destructor asura vs. Gogeta super saiyan 4

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@Supreme Marvel: thats for anyone who wants to read the DBZ are FTL debate in great detail.

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@waybig1010101: Majority are clearly overreaching

It's like this image.

Batman is dodging light. Therefore he is faster than light. We know he's not. That's what they're doing here. Overreaching.

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@Supreme Marvel: dude im not debating this with you i put my post for people who are interested in a DBZ debate that debates if DBZ is FTL and let people take what they want from it. im not trying to take a stand on anything here. And if you want to restart that debate go ahead and debate their.

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is the fact that you are diverting the subject of topic with subject canon, something that has nothing to do with the discussion of the topic, the character discussed here is ssj4 gogeta, discuss what is canon or not, will not make asura wins something here, and we are using characters outside the manga, which is very out of scale with respect to firepower, so ssj4 gogeta wins the fight.

on the question of the canon already explained to you in the post above. Now if you talk of a specific canon, the story is different. feats of anime still are official, is not because they do not appear in the manga that makes characters like ssj4 gogeta be weak at, is the opposite. characters are more powerful precisely because it has better feats and unique, in other words, when we talk about the issue being feats canon or non-canon, we're talking about the media that feat shall belong, as we are using here the anime version, feats of anime are canon with anime ever made unique as gogeta ssj fight with broly, is a feat just to canon the game, it can not be used in other media as movies.

I agree with you about the canon question. The canon thing is only not valid for the story part, but they didn't show an ability which they don't have or couldn't do, the main characters are the same, and do the same attacks too. Busting planet: possible with their ki shooting ability. Powering up: Possible..etc

Also, in this interview:

" When the series was being made into an anime, did you give the anime staff any demands?
-- Toriyama
I intended to leave everything up to them, so I don't think I had anything in particular. But I did warn them when I felt they were moving too much in a certain direction."

@Supreme Marvel said:

@ReiKai said:

Unless otherwise stated in that Fiction, the rate at which light travels does not change. The only series I have ever seen that would say differently is Futurama.

Then something that has mass can't go the speed of light because they (Z Warriors) have never been stated to go that speed. The only thing is Goku's IT but I see that as teleportation.

That's a ridiculous logic. 1 Why would they state that 2 They didn't even know how fast a light, well, maybe Gohan because he educated. 3 A statement would be useless too against the anti-dbz boys, because they call the characters liar. Read 4. 4. A. Solar Flare/taioken is literally light B. Makkankosanpo is light-named attack too(it's like a statement) C. Piccolo said he just saw a light(Freeza's beam) D. Paralizing light ball is light based attack. E. Final Flash is is a light-named attack too.

Also posting a pic Batman (aim-)dodge a beam doesn't mean all beams in all comic/manga and any fiction in the world is the same, meaningless.

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