Demolition Derby #2 (Naruto Edition)

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Here's the scenario: The five Ninja Villages have been introduced to the world's top convenience for going long distances without going by foot: the car. Unfortunately, the villages seem to misinterpret the concept of using the car for common travel and instead are treating them as simple entertainment using them for demolition derbies each year as a symbol of peace between the five villages. Even Missing-nin are encouraged to take part in the derby at risk of their capture from ANBU ninja if they lose. This year, 20 participants are taking part in the annual Demolition Derby. All of them have 6 weeks to learn how to drive their cars and prepare them for the competition.  
The derby takes place in a large arena within Sunagakure.
Here are the competition rules for this match:
  • Contestants are eliminated if their car can no longer run or said contestant is flung from the vehicle.
  • Going out of the arena is an instant DQ.
  • Unless specified in character list, any jutsu and weapons can be used against the other contestants as long as some part of their body remains in the vehicle. No summons allowed though.
  • Shippuden versions of characters are within this competition, with exception to Sound Four.
And now here are the contestants with whomever they are representing:
Rock Lee
Hatake Kakashi
Sakura Haruno
Killer Bee (human form only)
Chiyo (only puppets allowed are Mother and Father)
Kankuro (three puppets from battle with Sasori)
Kisame Hoshigaki (no fusing with Samehada or flooding arena with water)
Itachi Uchiha (no Susanoo or Amaterasu)
Team Hebi
Sasuke Uchiha (Cursed Seal + Orochimaru abilities, no Kirin)
Konan (no paper wings)
Pein (Deva path only, no Chibaku Tensei or large-scale Shinra Tensei)
Individual Missing-nin
Kabuto Yakushi 
Sound Four
Kaguya Kimimaro (no Sawarabi no Mai)
So of this bunch of 20 ninja drivers, who do you think can survive the derby?
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