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- No Planet Busting.

- Bloodlusted.

- No Morals.


Battle 1: Turles vs Doore, Neiz, Salza, Ginyu, Vegeta, Gohan.


Fight takes place on Earth.

No Great Ape.

No Body Transfer.

Team works well together.

Gohan has the Power Pole - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Pole



Battle 2: Chilled vs Goku (Kaio-Ken x10)


Fight takes place on Planet Vegeta.

Goku's Martial Arts are from the Buu Saga.



Battle 3: Bardock SSJ vs Frieza (base).


Fight takes place at the Cell Games.

No Great Ape.

Bardock knows Image Projection - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Image_Projection



Battle 4: Slug vs Piccolo (Nail).


Fight takes place on Planet Namek.

Piccolo's Martial Arts are from the Buu Saga.

Piccolo has eaten 1 King Yemma's Fruit.

Slug can go Giant.



Battle 5: Soba (Kaio-Ken x10) vs Goku SSJ (Frieza Saga).


Fight takes place on Planet Yardrat.

Soba knows Cloning - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Cloning

Soba can combo Cloning with his own abilities.

Soba's Martial Arts and mind are that of Piccolo (Frieza Saga).



Battle 6: Nuova Shenron vs Vegito SSJ2.


Fight takes place on Planet Rudeeze.

Vegito is affected by the heat from the Planet and Nuova's attacks, making it more difficult to fight as the battle goes on.

Nuova like in the anime uses his supreme speed to his advantage.

Vegito knows his opponent well.



Battle 7: Eis Shenron vs Vegito SSJ2.


Fight takes place on Planet Polaris.

Freezing effects apply.

Every 5 minutes Eis gets backup from 2 Darkness Ice Monsters - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Darkness_Ice_Monster

Every Darkness Ice Monster is just as strong as an Fully Powered SSJ.

Eis like in the anime will do anything for the win.

Can use the Planets effect to his advantage.



Some info:

Who are some of these people? What can they do?


Soba - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Soba_(Yardrat)

Salza - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Salza

Doore - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Doore

Neiz - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Neiz

Chilled - http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Chilled


Powerlevels: Most of these are official from the wiki and some are my opinon you will notice witch one. Below you will find explainations.



Ginyu - 120.000


Neiz - 163.000


Salza - 170.000


Doore - 185.000


Gohan - 200.000


Vegeta - 250.000


Goku - 300.000


Chilled - 300.000 - 400.000


Turles - 400.000 - 500.000


Frieza - 530.000


Bardock - 500.000 - 600.000


Slug - 1.000.000 - ???


Piccolo - 1.000.000 - ???


Soba - 14.000.000


Goku - This is Goku from the movie with Turles. He is using Kaio-Ken x10.


Gohan - This is before he was ready to fight Frieza. Search wiki if in doubt as Gohan recieved many Zenkai's, not confusing yourself with the Gohan who was fighting Frieza in his Final Form.


Vegeta - This is after the battle with Recoome.


Turles - Easily dispatched Goku who had an PL of 300.000. Acording to the wiki Turles could rival Frieza (base) 530.000.


Bardock SSJ - Acording to the wiki his PL was approaching 10.000, he recieved an Zenkai after he landed on Planet Plant. SSJ multipier is x50 putting Bardock at 500.000, take into acount the unknow amount Zenkai boost would put Bardock above 500.000.


Chilled - All his attacks proved futile against SSJ Bardock who is around 500.000. Chilled should be alot weaker.


Neiz - Acording to the Shonen Jump Magazine, Neiz is at 163.000. No info in the Daizenshuu, so for know i take this as his PL.


Doore - Also from Shonen Jump.


Slug - Acording to the wiki it is said that Slug could be more powerfull than Frieza. The movie in witch Slug appears starts between episode 81-82 witch is,

when Frieza was in his second transformation, witch has an PL of 1.000.000. Slug can also transform into an Giant increasing his power even further.

Its unclear if the wiki means that Slug (normal) is stronger than Frieza or if its Slug in his Giant Form. Slug was still confident after he got a beating from an Flase SSJ Goku and was earger to fight again.


Piccolo - It was stated he was slightly over 1.000.000.


Soba - Wiki gives him an PL of 14.000.000.


What do you think of these battles let me know how each fights ends :). If you notice something off like wrong info please let me know so i can correct it. If people need more clarification on certain things i can post edit my OP, i tried to minimize the wall of tekst :)

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Just to point something out in the Soba vs Goku SSJ battle, Soba due to his Kaio-Ken powerup should have an PL of 140.000.000 and Goku at SSJ had 150.000.000. Soba in terms of power would lose, not easy tho as Frieza who had 12 MIL was doing good against Goku and Soba is even stronger + he has his new toys to help him out :) so i think its close.

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@niBBit: That was the anime which tried to drag the fight on and on. In the manga Frieza had no chance.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Even so 140 MIL is better than 120 MIL.

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@niBBit: Not a chance it'll make a difference, All you need is a small gap to dominate your opponent. Vegeta taught us this on Namek.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Yet when Piccolo was over 1 MIL there where moments where Frieza had the upperhand on him, Piccolo comments after giving Frieza a severe beating and still was standing:

Piccolo: What does a Namek have to do...

Vegeta: Darn! After all those hits Frieza is still not down!

Piccolo in terms of PL is stronger than Frieza yet he couldn't take him down and like i said there where moments where he had Piccolo pushed against the wall.

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@niBBit: You have to factor that difference in another way. They were so close in power it didn't matter Frieza was like 1,450,000 and Piccolo was 1,500,000.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Fair enough. What do you say with the little extra's i gave Soba should Goku win: Easily - Medium - Hard difficulty. What do you think of the other battles.

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Battle 1: Turles rapes

Battle 2: Goku babyshakes him

Battle 3: Bardock wins after a rough battle

Battle 4: Piccolo wins with mid difficulty

Battle 5: Goku wins with little difficulty

Battle 6: Vegito lolstomps

Battle 7: Same as 6

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What! Vegito STOMPING Nuova? you got to be kidding me. Nuova was skooling Goku in there battle: the only time Goku had Nuova is when he (by some miracle) got behind Nuova under the city ruins..that was it. Goku could't land a single attack since Nuova is way faster than Goku, he himself stated it during the fight with Omega Shenron and even in there battle it was clear that he was faster, Nuova made comments about it himself:

Nuova: hehe your kamehameha wave is to slow, you need to be alot faster to get to me Goku.

Goku: Vegeta! be carefull Nuova is alot faster than us!

Vegeta: I wouldn't mind putting that to the test!

Then Vegeta gets skooled by Nuova, kicking Vegeta to the ground in the process, mind you this isn't Goku SSJ4 when he was at the Baby Saga, he is alot stronger in the Dragon Saga since he had a ficious battle with Great Ape Baby, Naturon Shenron, Rage Shenron and Super 17 before he fought Nuova and considering how strong people get in GT over a short period of time his power increase would be huge. You yourself stated once that you though Vegito could be around Goku (Super 17 Saga) and like i said he had 2 major battle after that that really hurt him. Even lets say Vegito is even stronger than that lets put him at the same lvl for an moment how is this still an stomp considering i gave Nuova the homefield advantage?

Eis Shenron imo is weaker than Nuova but its difficult to say since unlike Nuova he didn't fight Goku head-on he mostly fought dirty and spammed his Ice attacks, he did tanked Goku's devestating punched after Goku was mad at him for attack Pan so i give him that.

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@niBBit: lol I meant SSJ Vegito and I'm not sure with that. SSJ2 Vegito solos GT.

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@SpeedForceSpider: So...Vegito SSJ=Goku SSJ4 (Super 17 Saga) so Vegito SSJ2 could beat Goku SSJ4 (Dragon Age Saga) when he fought Syn Shenron? you know when Goku was even stronger than before + recieved the powers from GotenSSJ/GohanSSJ/TrunksSSJ? Goku recieved an similair power boost when he fought Great Ape Baby, he went from getting destroyed to uberstomping Baby, even negating his Death Ball. Goku went from getting mauled by Syn Shenron with insane ease to roflstomping Syn Shenron after his boost. lets go a step further towards Omega Shernon since you believe Vegito solo the GT cast... Omega was laughing constantly at Goku/Vegeta pis poor atempt to hurt him tanking the Final Flash en 10X Kamehameha both together withou any scratch and to top it all of he wasn't even complete, yup remember he lost the 4 start ball (Nuova) still was DESTROYING 2 SSJ4's one of them was amped up. No we go even further since again you say he solo's...Vegito>>Gogeta SSJ4?? the guy you could 2-shot Omega?....dude... he could maybe beat Goku SSJ4 (amped) but Omega or even Gogeta....no.

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After some thought i'm beginning to wonder something: Kid Goku at base is around SSJ3 (DBZ). SSJ is an x50 multiplier remember? witch should easily surpass Gotenks SSJ3 or even Mystic Gohan right? i mean Gotenks SSJ3 is stronger than Goku SSJ3 but hell no is he 50 times stronger...50 TIMES ! ! ! i'm down with double or even triple but 50 times more powerfull.....Now if we go even further and take SSJ2 and SSJ3 into acount where does Kid Goku SSJ3 rank in the DBZ list.

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@niBBit: I'll get back to you with that one.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Dodoria and Vegeta where also close to to eachother in power and he one-shot Dodoria. Piccolo should have done the same to Frieza. You still believe Vegito solo's the GT cast?

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