Datonare and Felina VS Scorpion and Groomer

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For my next battle today, I'm having it so that Datonare from the Monster Rancher Anime and Felina Feral from Swat Kats take on Scorpion from Marvel Comics and Groomer from Road Rovers. The fight takes place in Yankee Stadium, and it is a random encounter.


Datonare, for anyone who needs to know what he's capable of, is extremely speedy, durable, agile and strong, has acute senses, all five of them, sports a pair of horns on his head which can stab and shoot lightning out of them, can blow icy blizzard breath and create small tornado attacks. He also has razor sharp claws and teeth and is an adept, fierce fighter. He is facing non-jobber, written as he should be, peak Scorpion here. And Scorpion's battle suit is the one shown in the picture, not his current one.

Neither Felina nor Groomer get any vehicles, but Felina does get her laser blaster and Groomer does get her portable hair clipper, and they both get their non-vehicle standard gear/equipment they usually use as well as all their natural, non-weapon, non-gear, non-equipment abilities, skills and assets.

No soloing is allowed here. If one member of each team wins their fight, then those winners face each other and the winner of that fight wins it for their whole team.

Okay, so who wins this fight of two green powerhouse and femme fatale duos? The furry, heroic ones or the non-furry, villainous ones? And for the outcomes of both fights, please explain why they are so.

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