Dartz vs Yusei

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I'm pretty sure Quasar protects from effect damage, not battle damage.

As I have been trying to say Divine Serpent ATK/DEF = Infinite/Infinite.

Once Divine Serpent is out he screwed. Do not forget about Dartz Orichalcos powers that he will use to overwhelm Yusei.

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It still costs 10 cards to be discarded in order for him to attack with it. And you still ignored my second point that the Crimson Dragon will just give Yusei some new-ass card.
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I did not ignore your point.

From what I have seen of the crimson dragon pales in comparison to those dragon knight cards. Literally go & find out how many cards are in duel monsters and thats the amount of effects they can give you.

But I have said this at least 5 times now. You need those dragon knights to defeat the 3 lvls of the Seal of Orichalcos & then a hax monster like the fusion of the 3 dragon knights to defeat Divine Serpent.

Dartz is soo hax his entire arc is not part of the manga.

You need 3 equally hax dragon cards given to Yugi, Joey & Kiba to stand a chance of winning.

Then you need those hax dragons (that can fuse with any card in the game) to create another hax card to reveal the dragons true powers - the knights of atlantis.

Then fuse those knights to form a monster with infinite attack points to somehow defeat another infinitely strong monster.

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Now, allow me to explain why that's bullshit. The Crimson Dragon literally creates cards out of nothing and places them on top of Yusei's deck. What I'm getting at is it can pull an Anti-Divine Serpent out of its ass, give it to Yusei, and Yusei would wreck it.
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@TheBlackDragonz said:

Nobody goes anywhere. Quasar can still negate attacks, right? Also, let's be honest. As rarely as it happens, the Crimson Dragon will give Yusei a new, easy-to-summon Stardust card with an ability the same as the Wicked Avatar.

@One_Piece_God: Dartz loses. Yusei has all the speed he needs, and has summoned multiple monsters stronger than BLS, get over it. Not only this, his monsters aren't pure beat-sticks, they actually have abilities to back them up. If anything else happens, as TBD says, he has the Crimson Dragon to back him up.

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Same as the heart of the cards thing. The crimson dragon did that what 3-4 times in the series. The dragon cards can fuse with anything to create a new monster. Imagines if it fused with the god cards. Based on the anime no that has never happened where a random card just gives you the win out of nowhere in 5ds, like it has in waking the dragons. I do not know how many times I have repeated this but the 3 lvls of the seal will be more than enough trouble for Yusei. Before he as to deal with divine serpent.

  1. It can not be negated or destroyed by any card apart from those 3 dragon knights. He can place monster cards in his spell/trap card zone. Monster in the spell/trap card zone can not be attacked until monsters in the original monster zone are destroyed. All monsters on his side gain 500ATK/500DEF.
  2. During the Main Phase 1, increase his life points by 500 for each monster he has on his side of the field. If your opponent attacks you directly, you can discard 1 from your hand to negate the attack and destroy the attacking monster.
  3. You can negate any Spell and Trap Card your opponent targets at one of your monsters and destroy it.

Do not presume the crimson dragon holds any power in this duel as Dartz said the millennium items are powerless against his powers.


I will say it again. I do not remember when Yusei played a monster as powerful BLS on his first turn & you call him quick.

Do you honestly think Yusei could push Yugi & Kiaba as far as Dartz did? I loved 5ds don't get me wrong but he is not better than Yugi & he simply does not have the tools in his arsenal to defeat Divine Serpent once its on the field.

The 3 lvs of the seal is more than enough for Yusei even before he plays divine serpent. + there is no knowledge do really think Yusei can win where in that handicap duel Kiaba lost and Yugi barely won. Dartz is that good that even though he was facing the 2 best duelist that he did not request 8000 life points to make it fair or to have the first turn.

I'm not wanking Yusei is out of his league here. Quasar could be a problem if Yusei summons it before Divine Serpent but he has never summoned something as strong as that until the end of the duel by that time it will be too late.

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