Darkseid VS Dragonball Z Villains

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Uxas AKA Darkseid from DC Comics, as pre-Crisis Darkseid, takes on the top villains of Dragonball Z! Every fight takes place in San Diego, California, and there are three rounds, with a different set of opponents in each one. In all rounds, Darkseid faces his opponents all at once. Here are the rounds...

Round 1: Darkseid VS Perfect Cell, Frieza(in his most powerful form)and Majin Buu

Round 2: Darkseid VS The Ginyu Force

Round 3: Darkseid VS Cooler, Babidi, Zarbon, Nappa and Dodoria

So, who wins Round 1? Who wins Round 2? And who wins Round 3?

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Omega Beams

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The only one that's a threat is Majin Buu

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Post-Crisis Darkseid stomps the DBZ villains.

Why did you think this was a good idea?

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I honestly think threads like this are made just to lowball DBZ...

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What durability/strength feats does Darkseid have that put him on Frieza/Cell's level? Is it because Superman is used as a threshold, due to Darkseid being able to hurt/tag him in the past?
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Superman has/had divine protection that kept Darkseid from from killing him via the Omega Beams. The DB crew has no such protection. Also, when Darkseid isn't being ridiculously low-balled, he's far above Superman(Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis).

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