Dark Tournament Saga Yusuke Vs Teen Goku

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The DB cast aren't as strong when the other shows were in still going on , this applies to the HST ( new and old)

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Just gonna throw this out there Supernova, you keep saying YYH characters are so much faster, but right now there's a big debate over at the OBD on whether or not the DBZ characters are relativistic-lightspeed. Why you ask, because, in Dragonball Online it's explained that it took Piccolo's moon buster exactly 2 seconds to reach the moon (also in an old interview Toriyama confirmed that the moon in Dragonball is the same distance away from the Earth as our own world), before you even ask yes Dragonball Online is canon, and written by Toriyama

Honestly it would make so much SENSE to me, then people are gonna bring up shit like Goku's snake way speed, it was a god damn plot point people, if Goku got there to fight the Saiyans in time, no one would have died, and thus no reason to go to Namek, besides, travel speed often times is not = to combat speed, think we can see prime examples of that from One Piece. But really it makes sense to me because of Whis, you jump from massively hyper sonic to massively FTL? Holy shit that's a huge jump. Speaking of huge jumps, I find it funny that people say it's hard to believe that based on Piccolo's Beam speed that DB characters are relativistic+, because it's so much above previous feats shown, welllllll so is going from island level in Dragonball to FUCKING MOON BUSTING CASUALLY and then in the same arc talking about busting fucking planets, but no one calls BS on that, weird, anyway said all I had to say on this, I'm out, and Yusuke loses.

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DT Yusuke is weak......

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