Dark Schneider vs. Dr. Strange (Earth-616)

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Darsh has better auto shields and can BFR Strange too. They both probably have the capacity to win but Dash has to have the edge as his feats are more impressive unless we were talking about Classic Strange.
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What is his biggest feat?

Classic Strange was so powerful that LT wanted to erase him because his power was unbalancing the universe and he even resisted LT twice

He owned a universal being named In Betweener

He merged with Eternity

He can freeze time

He's a casual dimension buster

PR Beyonder admitted Steven could have beat him

Disabled Silver Surfer's powers

He deflected a blast from Galactus that was so strong it caused a massive city level earthquake even though it didn't hit

He casually threw Surfer and Thanos into another dimension because they were being douche bags

He can also turn people into random objects

None of these feats required prep

Strange was too damn powerful

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