Danzo Shimura VS. Tsunade

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1.Danzo starts with all 10 Sharingan activated (Normal 10 minuet time limit still applies)

2. Danzo can use Shisui Uchiha's sharingan.

3. This is current Tsunade

4. 1 hour prep for both fighters

5. Tsunade can't use summoning (May change if it's a problem)

6. Fight takes place at the Final Valley

2nd scenario:

1. Danzo is teamed with Fuu and Torume

2. Tsunade is teamed with Shizune


Who wins?

Post by Phoenix_Wright (124 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Well this depends on how long each can last, I think if Danzo uses his wind style spam he can win since I don't think Tsunade can regenerate being decapitated, and he only way of killing Danzo would be a up close assault, that is what Danzo would want, and I think he is a bit faster. It comes down to Izanagi VS. Byakugou.

Post by Yusuke52 (454 posts) See mini bio Level 16

I would give it to Danzo in both.

I can't see Shizune being helpful to Tsunade in any way other than healing, and even then... But other than that Izanagi will give him the overall advantage, since any attack he inflicts is fatal (And she has no real defence to block them, unlike Sasuke), and he is easily more versatile and skilled in combat than her. Not to mention he was able to track and take down multiple ANBU level assassins without the use of Izanagi (I am starting to think that the ANBU are not as good as they are made out to be). Also Baku would give him another advantage since Tsunade would have no way of putting it down. And he has Kotoamatsukami just to top it all off.

As far as her Byakugou goes, Im not all that impressed with it to be honest, it seems more like a plot device than anything just to keep her alive. Could she even heal from a fatal attack?

And I can't really see either doing much with prep.

Also I feel the need to ask, would Fuu and Torune be in the second round with Danzo? I cant see there being much difference, but, you never know.

Post by Phoenix_Wright (124 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@Yusuke52: Would you say Tsunade having her summoning would help? But I do agree with what you said.

Post by Yusuke52 (454 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@Phoenix_Wright: I can't see that doing much for her either, since Katsuyu is primarily a summon used for healing and the only real offensive attack she has is spiting acid which Danzo could dodge with augmented reactions via the sharingan or just let it collide with Izagani active and remain unaffected.

If anything it would take the heat off her for a short while but Danzo would be smart enough to just go straight for her anyway. It could split up into many slugs and overwhelm him, but I dont think they have any offensive traits in that form other than just being a pest and distributing chakra, so that would only slow him down and nothing more.

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"Danzo can use shisui uchiha's sharingan". That alone decides this fight.

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Interesting match but Danzo kinda stomps. Unless Kishimoto shows Tsunade do something really impressive I don't see her being able to do much to Danzo, the guy was not weak at all, I mean he almost beat Sasuke and he was not able to use Shisui's sharingan. Personally I think Danzo vs Itachi or Gaara would be a lot better. Nice to see a somewhat good battle. Danzo vs Orochimaru would be pretty interesting too :)

Post by Acer. (137 posts) See mini bio Level 9

"Danzo can use shisui uchiha's sharingan". That alone decides this fight.

Pretty much this.
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