Dangai Ichigo Vs Marineford

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@othus12 said:

@supernova7005: he is still mountain level with ease. whitebeard is island level. and mihawk didnt admit whitebeard was in a different league, he just wanted to test his power and considering how mihawk belittles shanks i wouldnt be so sure about your statement.

ichigo is not at island level, mugetsu is at best city level and im helping him a lot.

he would get overwhelmed by the army of characters and their hax

how is he getting past boa's ability?



logias have durability easily proven at island level, there is nothing ichigo can do to put them down for good.

Mihawk is Titanic iceberg level x3

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@eddz99: more like x20 since the iceberg was covering the whole lenght of marineford.

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