D vs Dark scneider

Topic started by Killer_of_trolls on April 7, 2012. Last post by Asune 2 years, 11 months ago.
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no prep

novel version for D

manga version for Darsh


who wins this?

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This is kind of one sided. I mean Darsh, if I remember correctly, has Dispel Bound which is a magical defense which consists of hundreds of thousands of layers and it defends against physical attacks, fire attacks, instant victory, reality warping, anti-magic, mind control, camouflage, treasure detecting, anti-creation, anti-immortality, dive, sonic waves, blessing block, power, lie detecting, anti-assimilation (is he a Borg?), mind defense, and penicillin (WTF?). That's not even all of them. To top that all off, all the layers of Dispel Bound regenerate at the speed of light if destroyed.

Here, link: http://images.wikia.com/finalwords/images/b/b9/Dispel_Bound_1.jpg

At the lower left corner it lists all of the things it blocks. I suggest using the view image function to get a better look. Right click, and then view image.

As for fire power, didn't Darsh and Uriel destroy the Black Abyss at the center of the galaxy in one their fights which had the mass of five million suns, IIRC? And, doesn't Darsh also have Judas Priest which completely destroys a target on the spiritual, physical, and astral plane annihilating them from existence?

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I don't know anything about this Darsh fellow, but D has ftl reflexes, is able to break open dimensional barriers with willpower alone, and can negate any and all forms of healing factors with his sword. He has cut lightning in half, spiritual and incorporeal matter, and pierced the shell of a Nobility Shield, which is designed to stand up to attacks from numerous nuclear weapons (which are much more powerful than those we possess now).

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Yeah, I know that but Darsh is almost skyfather level (or above herald level at least), that's like pitting Superman up against Odin.

D's cool and all, and going from what I know now he has massively hypersonic reactions and a lot of other awesome moves. His hand can absorb a lot of energy, but it doesn't have feats of absorbing star-level busting energy and Darsh is much more powerful than that, I did hear D stopped a giant particle cannon with his hand but that was only powerful enough to punch a hole into the planet, IIRC. In the end, how is D supposed to stand up against that?

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Dark Schneider for the win.

Easily over the speed of light, Inmune to anything below galaxy level with dispe bound, And also must be killed in three different planes at the same time, otherwise it won't be useful.

Can D hit physical, mental and astral at the same time?

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