D (Vampire Hunter D) Runs The Gaunlet

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D gets healed after each battle if needed

Morals off



Death or Knockout

1 Vash The Stampede

2 Inyuasha and Ranma Satome

3 Naruto and Sauske

4 Alucard (Pre Schoringer)

5 Father (God Mode)

6 Demon Eyes Kyo

7 Goku (Sayian Saga)

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Wait, Inyuasha can slash mountains apart? And can't Father make nuclear explosions? And can't Goku you know blow up planets with an eye blink?

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Inuyasha is super-sonic. Father's power is limited and requires more Phil-Stones to keep himself juiced up. Goku is in the high-hypersonic ranges in Saiyan Saga. "D" has lightspeed+ reaction and it's arguable that Left Hand could eat Goku's ki blasts (which would just give "D" more power).
"D" vs Vash
Winner: "D". Vash doesn't even have time to activate Angel Arm before his head hits the ground.
"D" vs Inuyasha and Ranma
Winner: "D". Same reason above. Neither of them is even comparable.
"D" vs Naruto and Sasuke
Winner: "D". Do I really need to repeat myself here?
"D" vs Alucard
Winner: "D". We've done this already. Several times.
"D" vs Father
Winner: "D". Father lacks speed and still adheres to physical laws. "D" breaks the laws of physics. "D" negs Father's regen and can do things like Cut Space. Really, there's nothing Father can do. "D" can have stakes penetrating both his lungs, heart and brain before Father can even put up his shield.
"D" vs Kyo
Winner: "D". Faster. Stronger. More haxed. Do the math.
"D" vs Goku
Winner: "D". Reasons above.
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D clears but just barely? Depends on how smart Goku is during the last fight. All the others are just warm-ups. The only problem D has is in movement speed. He has light speed reaction speed but not movement speed (a rare instance in which reaction and battle speed is less than movement speed due to lack of a skill/technique, D also lacks flight).

This whole thing is just D vs. Saiyan saga Goku. It's a really tough call to be sure. I'd say 50/50 and tactics is 100% of the battle between the two.

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"D" does have one feat where he is seemingly moving at lightspeed (not reacting), however people keep trying to argue the wording of it, the quote being; "moving faster than the light". It was a brief instance where "D" raced up a wall and into an opening. It wasn't far, but given the way it was phrased would still give the impression he had moved at the speed of light at the least. Even still, the Travel Speed of the DBZ crew at this point in time isn't all that spectacular next to their Combat/Reaction speed. And "D" has demonstrated he can run at super speeds if needed to, and easily. He much prefers riding a cyborg horse because it has the benefit of him not having to run across plains and work up his metabolism into a Sun Stroke during the daytime when he rides the most. In fact, he rides day and night, so it's even more painful on a Dhampir. 
In "Twin Shadowed Knight", "D" himself pretty much ran on foot for three days straight, stopping only to buy a new cyborg horse as the one he was riding was forced to gallop faster than it ever could to the point it died from sheer exhaustion, and he just grabbed his gear, put it on the new horse, and did it again. He ran beside them most of the way to lighten the load. "D" showed no problem keeping up with them or that it was even tiring.
As far as tactics, what can Goku really think of? "D" has fought things no one in DBZ could ever conceive of facing, and he's been at it for centuries at the least, possibly several millennia. Goku is a great martial artist while "D" is a master swordsman with martial skills. Even against those with super-human strength, "D" has beaten them by sheer skill alone, and not with his sword. In "The Stuff of Dreams" when a group of four men wearing suits that augmented their strength 500x (and these were big, muscular men) attacked "D", they were all on the floor in pain in an instance as "D" had twisted their arms behind their backs with such flawless movements that their bones shattered, and didn't require an ounce of strength on his part.
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@ReiKai: D can't fly, he'd have no way to reach Goku if Goku was in orbit. Goku could probably travel around the world in a few hours (at that point in his career) and yet it takes D several days. Travel speed means being able to travel large distances. Theoretically Goku would be sniping at D from a distance, not necessarily with Ki blasts though as i agree the hand could probably eat it (to me Ki = magic)

Goku has another advantage in being able to operate in the day. Basically it would be hit and run tactics and D has no answer for that since D can't fly and has a much slower travel speed. In close combat though, nothing about Goku in the Saiyan saga would suggest he'd be able to deflect D's sword though (it would just cut through him probably). As i said, tactics decides the fight.

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Problem is, Goku flying around doesn't diminish "D"s abilities. Then there's Goku actually having the time to try and get away before "D" pegs him. For one  thing, "D" still has wooden needles. Now you'd think "Oh what's good going to do to a guy with super strength?" Well consider that most of the crowd "D" deals with has super strength and resilience to many things, and "D" can still punch through flesh, metals, cyborgs, and numerous beasts with just those wooden needles. "D" can throw them at absurd speeds.
"D"s wooden needles are 12in length. From the instant they leave his hand to the same instant in which the target is hit, they've burned down to about 5-6in within that minute fraction of a second due to the insane speed at which they were thrown. Goku would have to not only be fast enough to react to them, but evade potentially anywhere from 2-6 needles at a time. "D" can hit dead center of the chest, throat and head all simultaneously in one throw.
Another thing is, it wouldn't matter if Goku could lob stuff at "D" from a distance, "D" would still detect it and deflect or slice it to pieces effortlessly.
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@ReiKai: If Goku is high in the sky there's no way D can peg him with wooden stakes which would just burn up if thrown with full force. Goku can just snipe with both items and ki blasts. The hand doesn't have much in the way of speed feats as it actually has to be aware of things coming at it. You have to remember the hand and D are 2 separate entities (yes, I have all the books too).

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Which are part of One Body and Left Hand counts as a symbiotic creature and thus Standard Equipment. And it has great sensing abilities, mind you. Also, you're missing the point. Goku doesn't get to start off in the air. As it is a battle scenario, the general range is standing roughly 10ft apart. Goku would need to try and get into the air and a far enough distance away to be out of "D"s range before "D" kills him with the sword or impales him with the needles, to which Goku is not fast enough to do either of these things.
Also, you're giving Goku way too much credit. If he can't see "D" anymore, Goku can't lob shit at him from a distance. His Ki sense isn't that great in Saiyan Saga and he doesn't have Instant Transmission either. He'd be throwing things blindly and that's assuming he can find something other than rocks and boulders to throw at "D". Really, all Goku will do is wear himself out while "D" only has to stand there and do nothing.
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@ReiKai: Nowhere in the opening OP does it say "standing 10 feet apart" and D emits an aura outside of Ki sense. The books have made that much clear where even normals can sense the "danger" of D. The [problem with the hand is that it's not fast. D has FTL reflexes but the hand doesn't

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...you really haven't read much, have you? The Left Hand is "D"s Left Hand. Only if the Left Hand was Separate from "D"s body could you make that claim. Otherwise it's pure BS. And "D" hits you with his aura when He wants to.
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Where do I get the lightspeed reaction speed for "D" from? Source Material, obviously. and I have had no trouble bringing evidence from the source. And you question...lasers? I'm sorry, but how can you question the speed of a laser? Especially when they're a constant in the VHD series. You can't compare it to a Blaster pistol, because that's a Blaster, not a Laser. There is a vast difference between the two. Especially since Hideyuki Kikuchi is such a stickler for trying to keep the Physics and scientific elements of VHD as accurate as he can, and the only time when figures are wrong can be attributed to either; A) Translation Errors or B) Not enough research done at the time to include it accurately while writing due to deadline issues.
Now, you claim exaggeration. How can an Author exaggerate his own work? Not only that, but the lightspeed feats and such have been fairly regular, and such descriptions of D's attacks as "silver flashes" are not rare. They are repeated constantly in every novel. And you do realize that this is Saiyan Saga Goku, not EoS, right? Goku is not a planet buster. Vegeta claimed he could destroy the Earth, but that's all it was; a Claim. Vegeta never destroyed a planet. We didn't see that happen until Freeza did it. Goku is also not lightspeed, or even close to it at this time. His travel speed is like Mach 33, Reflex speed? Maybe two or three times that, at best. "D"s effortlessly clears those markings. And you can't argue "D"s lightning feat, which is at least 1/2 lightspeed without effort. These are not exaggerations. These are Legitimate feats that you can't BS your way out of.
Now, maybe you're new, or just someone who got kicked and has a bone to pick, but I deliver evidence on "D" consistently. Scans don't work because the Prime Canon are Novels, not Manga. There is a Manga series, but it is Based off the Novels, and much of the Context is left out. Most other, older debaters who've seen these kinds of debates with "D" are quite familiar with his feats and my references to the Novels. So people don't just "take my word for it". They have seen the evidence themselves, are provided the source material, and given explanations of the context.
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One of the things I am doing in my spare time is re-reading all of the Novels and marking passages pertaining to feats "D" has performed in his career. I haven't been doing this in the order of the Novels themselves, but am still going through each of them. The laser feats I will quote as my time allows. One in "Dark Road" I should find readily, given I have reference to the feat he performed against Roland. And, generally when "D" attacks, nobody sees the movement, except perhaps the Noble or super-powered servant he happens to be fighting, and usually the servant is killed or fatally injured even when "dodging" the blow.
The lightning feat I have saved and can provide right now. 

Vampire Hunter D Vol.4 "Tale of the Dead Town"
Bowing and excusing himself, the physician did an about face. Just above him, there was a flash of silvery light. A bolt of lightning that was about to strike his head was split in half, and the fragments twitched on the ground. Completely oblivious to what had happened, Dr. Tsurugi raced off.

That was the event. Here is the context. During this point in the story, "D" is in a floating town, so they are not on ground level, and as we know Lightning actually initially starts at Lightspeed, but by passing through particles in the air is decelerated to about 1/3rd the speed of light by the time it hits the ground. Now, at this juncture the town was passing through a canyon where a permanent Electromagnetic Storm is in place, so there is lightning at all times. Under normal conditions, lowest cloud cover is roughly 6000ft above ground. So normally, a bolt of lightning would hit the ground from 6000ft at about 1/3rd lightspeed. The Conditions "D" is in, the Town is roughly 100+ft off ground level, and the Electromagnetic Storm is within the Canyon itself, so that is perhaps 1000ft between it and the ground below, give or take a hundred feet. So the distance between the point of origin of the Lightning Bolt and Dr Tsurugi's position was anywhere between 900-1100ft at most. Roughly a 1/6th the distance lightning would normally travel. That means that the Lightning in this instance is traveling faster due to the shorter distance and is thus decelerated a whole lot less than would be normal.
That is why I said the lightning feat for "D" is about 1/2 lightspeed. Given the evidence I could claim more on that, but I was being more practical because the events cannot be definitively proven. Mostly because of translation and because relative distance is not stated. Thus I can only come to conclusions based off height/distance of Real World places and imagery provided by the artwork of Amano Yoshitaka, the events written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and the artwork inspired by them in the creation of the VHD Manga (which is fairly accurate, if only missing certain parts and information that can only be found in the Novels due to their length). In either case, this is about as accurate as anything can get concerning this particular event.
I remain firm on its accuracy though, because such events have occurred. Like I said, the laser events are not entirely uncommon. It was even stated as Rumor in one Novel and then "D" actually performs it in another. "D" has always been consistently fast enough to deal with each opponent as things comes along, even in areas where the Environment is against him. This here is a lesser feat, but is done in a Dream Reality that is turned against "D".

Vampire Hunter D Vol.5 "The Stuff of Dreams" Page 166-167
Ten feet lay between the two of them. D would be a heartbeat too late to do anything about the stake gun
Sheriff Krutz pulled the trigger. The pressurized gas cylinder inside the firing mechanism gave the one-pound stake a speed of twenty-three hundred feet per second, but it was struck down before D's chest by a silvery flash of light. As the saying went, D's sword could cut down a laser beam.

2300ft/s equates to 1568.18mph. So just above Mach 2. That's not so fast considering all the other feats he's performed. Though it was the Distance here that was the determining factor. You have a lethal object moving at 2300ft/s with a distance between its firing point and the target being only 10ft. It would take that stake 0.004348ths of a second before it'd hit "D". Also there you see the rumor of "As they saying went, D's sword could cut down a laser beam". Clearly the speed of the stake gun and that of an actual laser is vastly different. In this instance it can be either Artistic License taken or a translation error. Frankly what he did a bit earlier in the same novel was more impressive.

Vampire Hunter D Vol.5 "The Stuff of Dreams" Page 164
"This time we'll be using these," dozens of mounted Harold images declared in unison, showing the weapons they had in their right hands: rough wooden stakes. "I hear these things work just dandy on dhampirs, too. And just so you know, we're all real. If there're a hundred of us, we'll drive a hundred stakes into you. Except we're gonna do it a little differently. Like this!"

Streaks of white light flew from the right hands of a few of them. As the whirling stakes rained down on him from horseback, D became a black wind and dashed into action.
Perhaps the images of Harold in the foremost row knew what they were doing as they called out to attack in low voices, each with a stake in one hand. The question remained: what would happen when the lone beautiful figure collided with the countless black ones?

If Harold's plan had a single miscalculation, it was from experience rather than the lack of it -- and conjectures he'd made about D's speed and strength with a sword based on their previous battle. None of the wooden stakes the false images brought down met anything but air. Every time the black shape moved between them like a mystic bird with the hem of his coat flashing out around him, countless Harold images were cut in half, merging with the air as they vanished.

Less than twenty seconds later, D stood motionless and alone on the clear, moonlit ground.

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