Cyber Counterpart Confrontation!

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Various characters from other franchises who, for a lot of reasons, I think of as otherworldly counterparts to Silas Burr AKA Cyber from Marvel Comics, battle it out! Here are the fights, all of which take place in a military base camp...

Soundwave(1980's Transformers Anime)VS Doc Terror(Centurions)

Machinedramon(Digimon Adventure)VS Renocraft(Monster Rancher Anime)

Sektor(Mortal Kombat, 1st timeline)VS Bryan Fury(Tekken)

Terrorsaur(Beast Wars: Transformers)VS Boba Fett(Star Wars)

Metallo(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52)VS T-800(The Terminator)

Yurak In Robeast Form(1980s Voltron: Defender Of The Universe, again, as his robeast self)VS Hank Henshaw's Cyborg(DC Comics, post-crisis, pre-NU52)

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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