Current Zebra Vs Onepunch Man

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Current Zebra Vs Onepunch Man

- No holding back

- All serious and bloodlusted

- Win by death

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Ok Saitama's stats right now are island busting and hypersonic. Zebra is at country level with massively hypersonic speed and more versatility than everyone in one punch man combined, Saitama needs more feats dood, the manga takes so long to come out though ugh. The newest chapter was great though

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It will probably be revealed that Saitama's powers are more of a divine power rather than physical, hence the fact he ends all fights with one punch. But until that point, you have to give the edge to Zebra.

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Not bad. But Zebra by feats is too much right now. Toriko himself currently is closer in both power level and fighting style to Saitama, and might make a better match up.
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@taichokage: toriko would still win by now. eventually saitama will be able to kill goku with a punch. MARK MY WORDS.

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