Current Zebra And Toriko Vs Naruto, OP, And Bleach Gauntlet

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Current Zebra And Toriko


- Zebra And Toriko get 3 hours rest And get healthed by 10% each time

- No holding back

- All serious and at 100%

- Win by death

- No prep

- Each match as 1 implication

Round 1: Mihawk, Third Raikage And Toshiro Hitsugaya Bloodlusted

Round 2: Current Zoro, Current Sanji And Gin Ichimaru No Morality

Round 3: Current Luffy, Current Kyuubi Naruto And Final Ichigo In Character

Round 4: Whitebeard, Bankai Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto And Sage Mode Hashirama Senju all at 110%

Round 5: Madara with Nine Tails, Doflamingo, Yhwach all livid

How far would Toriko and Zebra get?

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Because I know nothing of toriko other than he is a uber beast with blue hair and muscles that could crack open mountain tops(which scares me by the way), has he ever shown to not melt in heats up to 1.5million degrees?

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Zebra solo

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if yamamoto's bankai is on as soon as the fight begins then the heat of his bankai would turn his team to ash, now im up to date on toriko and im not sure if toriko could handle yamamoto's bankai's heat, or if zebra's sound armor is heat proof.

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Being logical I would say if Yamamoto's sword touched them they would die but they have amazing speed so I don't see why they would. They are in two different anime worlds so nothing compared to this has gone up against Zebra's sound armor if his armor could stop the heat then he would win hands down. One Piece is my favorite manga Toriko being my second I won't have a biased opinion hands down any of the heavenly kings from Toriko would beat One Piece because they aren't on the same level...... as of yet :O teehee

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Zebra beat everyone

Also Yamamoto's Bankai doesn't block sound

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@Destinyheroknight: no the question is does zebras sound protect him from the heat of 15 million degrees ?

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I pretty sure that Zebra would have blitz him before the heat can take it toll on him, so not a problem

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@Destinyheroknight: but if bankai is on when the fight begins then zebra would just turn to ash along with everyone else and if that doesn't happen right away then his bankai will cause zebra's throat to be dry and that could prevent him from using his sound attacks or zebra will punch him and lose his arms but i think zebra would just turn to ash just from the heat if his bankai is on at the start of the fight.

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@waybig1010101: zebura would go voice missile on yamma and one shot him. getting his throat dry isnt enough to stop zebura dude.

zebura solos.

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If Yamamoto's Bankai really that hot, no one in SS wouldn't be alive. Also I pretty sure a dry throat won't stop Zebra

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@othus12: since your the toriko expert i'll take ur word for it. but if you can show me zebra and his voice protecting him from 15 million degrees then it would really help me to understand how he doesn't turn into ashes at the start of the battle.

@Destinyheroknight: it said over time it would kill everyone including yamamoto himself and destroy soul society and yamamoto mention how he had to end the fight quickly as well or else everyone would die.

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They clear it.

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It won't be over time, it would happen in a flash. The heat didn't kill anyone (not even a bystander), so I pretty sure Zebra would take him out before Yamamoto kill everyone

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@Destinyheroknight: heat waves can in travel in different ways but since yamamoto's heat cames from his zanpakuto means its spiritual heat so i assume that means his heat can travel by radiation which means it could travel at speed of light and the reason it didnt kill the people near yamamoto is because of blut vene and others in SS were in danger and one bystander who had blut vene said if it wasn't for that then they would just turn to ash.

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@Destinyheroknight: to be fair toriko is better than bleach, naruto, and one piece in terms of power and speed. so zebra could solo this gauntlet.

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You are assuming, it not fact

So, why are the buildings still up? Are they fireproof?

I really believe that Yamamoto's Bankai is just full of hyperbole

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@Destinyheroknight: hyperbole, plot holes but still it would turn people to ash around him and since his heat is spiritual and there are only 3 ways that heat can travel which include conduction-requires touching molecules, covention-which includes gas and liquids and radiation-Both conduction and convection require matter to transfer heat. Radiation is a method of heat transfer that does not rely upon any contact between the heat source and the heated object. For example, we feel heat from the sun even though we are not touching it. Heat can be transmitted though empty space by thermal radiation. Thermal radiation (often called infrared radiation) is a type electromagnetic radiation (or light). Radiation is a form of energy transport consisting of electromagnetic waves traveling at the speed of light. No mass is exchanged and no medium is required. since the heat is produce by his bankai which is spiritual energy which doesn't have matter because its a form of spirit energy.

@Destinyheroknight: meant to say form of spirit energy

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Yamaji's bankai isn't hyperbole. It's just anime physics again. For instance, Kizaru moving at light speed would in real world physics, heavily damage the terrain around him and mess up the atmosphere a bit. All the same, Armor of the sun won't protect him from Zebra's sound. I'd give Zebra the win because he can attack better and at a larger scale from a distance so 2/3 times he would probably get the first hit in. Assuming team Toriko gets past Team Yamaji/Whitebeard, they could clear it. Madara isn't as hax as Zebra hax as he is and Doflamingo probably wouldn't be able to manipulate Zebra if he has sound armor on. It could go either way, but I'd say team Toriko 2/3 times in that round too for the same reason as the last round. The rest of the rounds they easily win. The only HST characters that could beat them out of a majority of times (through hax not sheer power) aren't in this gauntlet. Really Yamamoto and Doflamingo are the only threats for the kings given the nature of their abilities.
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No one have been turn into ash yet, it making it hard to believe it would. He didn't even turn the fake into ash when he attack him with the sword

So Zebra won't be affected, until shown otherwise

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