Current Spartoi Vs Admrial Akainu

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Current Spartoi Vs Admiral Akainu

- No holding back

- All serious and in character

- Spartoi has Death and Franken Stein

- they start 20 feet from each other

- Win by death

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unless one of these kids has enough power to destroy a mountain then no, cuz Akainu tanked a quake from WB and got back up. (I know none of them can do that im being a jerk XD)

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A bit behind, but I don't think anyone in Soul Eater can beat Akainu other than a few hax abilities. Maybe Shinigami and Asura? Not this guy though. Not at all.
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Spartoi have a chance at winning by using Maka and Soul ability to slow down the opponent soul (causing the opponent body to slow down)

Also durability isn't really a issue, since most of them can attack souls directly

So they have a 40% chance at winning if Fleet Admiral Sakazuki doesn't take out Maka and Soul first

Post by othus12 (8,669 posts) See mini bio Level 13

akainu spams daifunka and kills them all.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@Destinyheroknight: and with Black Star's wave attack, it will be better chance since his are more powerful than Maka's soul attacks.

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