Current Monkey D. Luffy,Zoro,Sanji Vs Kyuubi Mode Naruto

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Current Monkey D. Luffy , Zoro , Sanji Vs Kyuubi Mode Naruto


Scenario 1: In character

Scenario 2: bloodlusted

- No holding back

- All serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

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You said Kyubi mode but the picture is Rikudo mode Naruto. Is that what you meant?
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monster trio wins

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@taichokage: Yeah sorry.

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Ok. I'd have to give it to the monster trio as well though. Individually Naruto is probably more powerful, but I don't see him being fast enough or strong enough to counter all 3 at once.
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RM Naruto effortlessly destroys Zoro and Sanji before blasting Luffy with a BD, I highly doubt any of them have the potential to harm BM Naruto considering his DC is way off the charts of mountain busting and his durability is ridiculous.
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Naruto, rather easily. Don't forget that he can spam Shadow Clones that assume any of his transformed states with Kurama or Sage Mode, all of which are capable of producing the same abilities he can manifest within those forms. Even with Haki, the Straw Hat team's gonna be too overwhelmed with the powerful numbers that Naruto can create.

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While Im not sure I agree completely it is plausible. Naruto is pretty powerful right now. But I don't see him as likely to avoid all their attacks while he takes all 3 out first. It's true though he wouldnt have to avoid every attack from Sanji or even Luffy. Zoro however he'd need to avoid entirely. I would stress that Zoro could hold his own against Kuma who was far faster than either of them and still landed a hit. I think he could at least leave a heavy wound on Naruto before getting taken out (because I don't see him actually winning alone), but maybe enough to weaken him to be battered by Luffy and Sanji together. In any case Naruto wouldn't leave this unharmed and easily if he did win let alone if he lost.
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@taichokage: The three would have to perform a simultaneous attack on Naruto if they could hope to even dent him. While I could at least agree on the One Piece crew equaling Naruto in speed, he's easily at mountain-level in Rikudo Mode and individual attacks from the team would be a suicidal move.

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Naruto loses round one for sure, because first, in character, BM Naruto doesn't spam clones so that's a dead point. Luffy and Sanji will overwhelm Naruto in H2H (hand to hand to leg in Sanji's case), while Zoro cuts his head off. Now round two might go to Naruto, granted he can escape the ruthless beatdown that is inevitable from a bloodlusted Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro. That one can go either way, but i'll lean toward Naruto more with his rasengan spammage.

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@ChromeDisaster: Hand to hand helping out how, exactly? Naruto's durability greatly surpasses the One Piece team and they would have to exert a great amount of effort in order to have any shot at beating Naruto. Bladed weaponry isn't gonna cut it either considering earlier showings of them like Orochimaru's Kusanagi Sword could barely pierce the flesh of Naruto's 4-Tailed Kyubi form and his body's quite likely much more durable to such weapons since that time. Even taking away Bijuu Bombs and Shadow Clones, the One Piece team's chances of victory are quite low, regardless of being in character or bloodlusted.

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No seeing how Naruto loses here exactly. He has way more destructive force and durability then the monster trio. Hell, he should be faster than them too. His clones should easily be able to overwhelm the team. Naruto is getting heavily underestimated and like always the One Piece team is overrated.
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Fair enough. I'll go ahead and say bloodlusted Naruto will win. Mass clone biju dama spam. But in character I still have my doubts. I don't see his durability as good enough to tank their attacks easily nor do I see his speed being great enough to overwhelm them, especially as they have a form of pre warning and he does not.
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Isn't Naruto resistant to heat and blades? I've yet to see Naruto seriously injured while in either Kyubi or Rikudo mode, so I'm unsure as to how much damage any of the Monster Trio can give him. Haki will definitely play a huge factor here, but wasn't Naruto's speed fast enough to deflect several Bijuu bombs just by running past them? I'm really torn on this...

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Naruto was damaged by lava for a decent amount of time, kicked by a steam-powered kick and hit by explosive bubbles and was perfectly fine... I'd like to see what damage the monster trio can do to Naruto :o

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I mean, Luffy is punching people accords mountain ranges off islands now and knocking out gargantuan beasts in one hit under thousands of meters of water pressure doubled with the fact that he is immensely weakened in water. I highly doubt Naruto would walk away unscathed by such blows. However I do agree he is still stronger than any of them as of now.
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Naruto with mid-high diff. Speed is debatable and completely unknown.

The team's got the advantage in striking strength, but lack the DC and probably durability.

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