Current Monkey D. LuffyVsCurrent Natsu DragneelVs EoS Black Star

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Current Monkey D. Luffy Vs Current Natsu Dragneel Vs EoS Black Star


Scenario 1: In character

Scenario 2: bloodlusted

- No holding back

- Both serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

Location: Domus Flau

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@Ikki_Minami_: Black Star cuts Natsu's head off.

I doubt Atlas Flames Natsu's strongest hit can even hurt Black Star.

Black Star takes Natsu's nakama power and cuts it in half. After he is finished with Natsu he will break his back on purpose and continues to beat Natsu to a pulp.

Natsu thought that Gildarts was scary, wait till he sees Madness Release.

Black Star won't need Tsubaki, one kick will do.

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Online Now
As of now Black Star > Current Luffy > Current Natsu.
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itd be more of a fight between Luffy and BS, but that one could go either way, but I see Luffy winning in a close fight, especially if he lands a thor elephant gun.

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Black Star LOLS at nakama power.

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