Current Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro,Sanji Vs Admiral Akainu

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Current Monkey D. Luffy , Roronoa Zoro , Sanji Vs Admiral Akainu


Scenario 1: In character

Scenario 2: bloodlusted

- No holding back

- All serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

Location: Cooking Stadium

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By feats the team are still incapable of beating Akainu. But this could be because they've had no challenge since the time skip. They could very well be strong enough to beat him. They'll need to be if they intend to screw with Kaido or Big mom.
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@taichokage: True but I could just see Akainu shit his pants when he see's Zoro get serious XD

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the monster trio has no chance. akainu was fighting on par with whitebeard,that says it all.

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I'd say they could take it. Akainu aint taking Luffy's punches now that he uses Haki. Idk about Sanji doing anything, and Zoro would be a threat, but ultimately, it ends up Luffy vs Akainu

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The Monster Trio, still have a long way to go. Akainu was able to bypass two very strong Haki users and also able to fight Aokiji for ten days. Akainu would destroy them, with their current level

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I was thinking exactly of that moment when I posted. If Marco and vista (and Crocodile) can't do it, I don't think the Strawhats can take it yet, although again, they haven't shown their true power post time skip (which is taking a bit long to show in my opinion) however if they are to take on Kaido, I think they'll need to be able to take down at least an admiral in the very near future.
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