Current Madara vs Dangai Ichigo

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Who takes this?

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Well, for obvious reasons Ichigo wins because Madara can't see Ichigo as Ichigo is a spiritual being. You really didn't put any effort on this thread, just put the two together without thinking of the consequences. And even if the two could see and touch each other Ichigo's speed would leave Madara hanging, luckily for Madara he's in edo form. Now if you would make the speed equal, take off reiatsu crush, and make genjutsu affective then this would be a fair battle. And even if the two are equalize I can see this battle becoming a stalemate. 
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Sigh, put more effort into your threads man

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Ichigo wins obviously for the said reasons, and the speed difference.

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@peruano99A said:

Who takes this?

We haven't seen enough of Perfect Susano. Sure its casual unsheathing of its sword with mere force destroyed the meteor and cut off at least two mountains and cut through the several kilometers of land but that is all.

Durability and strength it should be very insanely high but we could only speculate. Madara's main problem is speed but Dangai Ichigo would not want to get hit.

Wait for more Madara feats.

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@321zigzag1: There won't be anymore, Edo Itachi has cut off the affects of Edo Tensei and all the dead are returning to where they came from. It's sad because I really wanted to see more of Madara's "Perfect Susano'o" and see what else the beast can do. So far with just a sword slash it ripped apart two mountains. 
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Not just two mountains but ripped apart several kilometers of land and the meteors next to it. Mountains were far away and that wasn't even a true casual swing either. Much better than Ichigo's tiny mountain swing.

I don't recall seeing a light above MAdara, was there one?

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@321zigzag1: No but it I think in the next chapter it'll show Madara dispersing away like the other Edos. It's better that he does return to the world of the dead because quite frankly the Kages don't stand a chance and now Madara is getting ready to reap them, I highly doubt Kishi will have Madara stay. It's all PIS to me. 
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Some people suggested that Muu taking too long to summon Madara himself can be actually a loophole since he summoned him hence taking it longer.

I for one don't care, but I like Madara to stay because its hilarious and that he caused yet another Sh**storm across the internet.

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@321zigzag1: Hahaha! I feel you, now that Madara has appeared he's really changed the field for Naruto. Hell he makes a lot of Bleach characters look like child's play (most being captains) in power. 
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Needs more info.... but Ichigo wins here because he cannot be seen, he can cut through Madara's soul.. so yeah Strawberry boy wins..

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Madara is tough but still he couldn't defeat Dangai Ichigo. He is still massively faster and stronger and could tank anything Madara can throw at him if he even had the opportunity to do so.
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