Current Luffy vs Ace

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Who wins, Ace has shown to be able to stalemate an admiral and has always been superior to Luffy, but now that Luffy has haki and training, can he defeat his older bother? If Ace wins easy then add in current Zoro as well.

Bonus: Monster Trio (1 day prep) vs any one Admiral


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I believe Ace would need Zoro because Luffy stomps.

The whole Red Hawk thing at Hody was Luffy surpassing Ace and carrying on his will.

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Luffy because of armament haki. He is faster than Ace so all he needed in the past was the ability to actually hit Ace which he now has. Not that it's a cake walk Ace's dama could put him down but the problem is getting the chance to use it.
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Wow Luffy is NOT stomping Ace lol. I think Ace wins still but with extreme difficulty, had Ace lived on his dream would have crushed Luffy's you know. One thing we don't really know is how fast Ace is, he has to be hypersonic at least, to suggest that he doesn't have Haki is ridiculous so I think he has it, he had to have wondered why Whitebeard could keep hitting him after all. Ace still has more firepower (no pun intended) than Luffy has shown so far too

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True Ace has more firepower and as I mentioned, that final attack he used against Blackbeard for instance would put Luffy down in one go most likely. The problem is he hasn't shown speed or armament haki use on the level that current Luffy has, which is a key combo to defeating someone like Ace. He can hit first and very hard. The other way to beat someone like Ace is even more ridiculous raw power like Blackbeard and Akainu. Maybe Ace could win, and he is more destructive but I think Luffy happens to be fairly well suited for Ace, not necessarily that he's more powerful yet.
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Ace was whitebeards second division commander, had beaten notorious crews in the New World by himself, showed kings haki well before Luffy did and still has a bounty higher than current Luffy, I think it is safe to assume he had haki.

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@YoungChief: Luffy does stomp he is much faster than Ace.

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There is no such thing as Luffy stomping. I don't think he can beat Ace. But even if he was to win, it would take everything he has, leaving him empty and severely fatigued.

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I think Luffy takes this 7/10 times due to superior, Strength, Speed, and Durability....

And now that he has haki I can see him giving Ace an Arnament Red Hawk Punch that could put Ace down like Akianu's...

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