current ichigo vs. naruto after he controls the nine-tails

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I'm not really sure how powerful Ichigo is at the moment. If he was at his previous known levels then he'd win but currently Naruto with his recent powerup is much stronger and would win in a battle.


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well seeing how a bijuu bomb can actually be deflected before it explodes, not to mention it takes some time to focus, ichigo has a chance, but all naruto has to do is land that bijuu bomb without interruption and he wins, this will apply to any future fights he may have with someone like luffy or whoever

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@jmcaca: What? Goku at SSJ4? You must be smoking some powerful stuff man. Naruto isn't even as powerful as the Sage of the Six Paths who in addition to having the Rinnegan was also the Ten Tails' jinchuriki and the highest feat he ever accomplished was creating the moon. Characters all the way back to Dragon Ball could already destroy moons with no problem for example Master Roshi. SSJ4 Goku is most likely powerful enough to destroy entire solar systems.

Naruto might win but get your facts straight before entering a battle thread. And watch that your language, you don't wanna get banned for insulting others.


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@jmcaca: I'm clearly talking to some kid so why bother?

Whatever get banned. Your debating skills are ridiculously mediocre anyway.


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nobody really knows if kizaru can only move at the speed win in light form. kizaru has never said that. they have not shown much about kizaru anyway. wiki is a bad site believe me. second ichigo right know in the manga is to fast and powerful. naruto is nowere near bleach because the capatin comander's banki is pretty much the sun. and the people the are fighting are just too strong. please stop saying the kizaru can only move light speed when in light form because no one really knows that much about him. i really don't like naruto that much anymore. also azien would kill them all. azien never went banki. but if you believe ichigo and naruto are on the same level read the new mangas. ichigo is too fast for naruto and bleach is way to powerful.

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I love bleach and naruto the same, But being as fair to both sides as possible, don't for a second believe, Naruto has a chance against Ichigo 1 v 1. First, Ichigo, when fighting Ulquiorra, leveled a mountain with the flick of his wrist...! And you say Naruto is more powerful? Naruto has to make a rasen-shuriken, bijuu bomb, or whatever to have the same effect. And majorly Narutos limited in time... Naruto would have to beat Ichigo like 3-5x before he stays down because Ichigo, Like goku, Doesn't stay dead long. And speed is about equal.

Also, Aizen can be considered a god... How? The Hoguoku. Go research how broke this thing could get. Ichigo, in my opinion, is soon to be the god of shinigami. Reason... there training him in a sacred place in soul society. A substitute shinigami in a sacred place where they barely show respect to the shinigami below.

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