current aizen & ichigo and gin vs mihawk, kizaru and marco

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@Jflash94: sonido on average is better than shunpo but not all. It still depends on the user. For instance Shunsui is faster than all the arrancar save for Starrk. And Ichigo was about Just as fast as Grimmjow (who actually has been shown breaking the sound barrier). Byakuya actually matched Zommari (who claimed to be fastest though Starrk's feats prove otherwise, also Shunsui is rated faster than Byakuya and Starrk is faster than him) Ichigo's speed was so great that he removed himself and Aizen from a city to a rocky mountain range miles away in seconds. Also Soifon blitzed Ggio Vega who is a sonido user. Yourichi is also noteworthy as she is faster than any other shinigami (save perhaps for the mutated Aizen and hax Ichigo) So yeah there are many faster than sound and there are several shunpo users superior to most sonido users.
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Nice proof  I give you that , but still they are still never stated to be as fast or faster then light , and as you said  only a few have broken the sounde barrier. while in onepiece there are a bunch of people who are as fast , as Kizaru 
Note how 
Rayleigh  is able to actually able to carry ut a fight with kizaru
Im just guessing but I have a feeling shanks can also do this
, and probably all other yonkous
, maybe mihawk 
But when I'm saying here is that  Kizaru is faster then probably both Aizen , and Ichigo . Also I'm not gonna say he is stronger then them both , but I think he is strng enough to take both of them  suing his Logia powers
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@Jflash94: Nope Kizaru is weaker than aizen and ichigo and using logia intangibily would mean that aizen can reiatsu crush with a stare.
but he is indeed faster but only in lightform in wich he has only shown to travel short distances and is slower than aizen,ichigo and gins bankai in his normal state
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ichigo solo
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@Jflash94: Sure Kizaru might actually have the speed necessary to blitz them but so what? His attacks don't have what it takes to kill them. Ichigo has taken a black hole like attack and a mini nuke point blank and tanked them both no problem. Lvl 90 blasts don't even faze Aizen and even Ichigo ultimate Mugetsu failed to kill him. I might also add that it is impossible for Team One Piece to win because Aizen is immortal and no one on team one piece is capable of BFR even if that were a winning condition.
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But heres what im trying to say , 
 1 kizaru is faster
2 kizaru is probably pretty strong , im not sure f hes on bleach level , but I have a feeling that he is good enough to stand up to some of them
 3 Also if we are counting the reiatsu crush we would be able to count the  haki knock out 
4  I'm sorry for using garp as an example again , but he destroyed an island , and im prett sure Kizaru is stronger
But seeing , as this is basicly two on 1 Ill give it to bleach [ not that i didn't see it before]
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@Jflash94:  Kizaru is only faster with Yata ni kagami
none of the almiralds are even close to Garp in Psycal Streght

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Where did you get your info from Im curious , I know ive lost , just want to know ^_^
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@Jflash94: reading the manga and the allways trustworthy One piece wiki wich also explains how kizaru travels light speed
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Sosuke Aizen solos  
Kurosaki Ichigo Slos 
Gin Ichimaru solos
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