crocodile vs gaara

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who would win
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gaara puts up a sand shield and then croc goes through it being sand and stabbs him to death croc ftw
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been done before. Gaara ftw.
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Yep Gaara. 
Croc was beat because Luffy's hand was wet. 
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Crocodile, Gaara can manipulate sand however so can crocodile, only difference is Garra's cost chakara annd has a limit, Crocodile can do it as much as he wants, as well as create and manipulate sand. He is more experienced and skilled, being able to create sandstorms at will ect. He can also teleport just about anywhere so he would be able to get past any sheild Gaara puts up. As for his defense Crocodile has the power to absorb water from the body, also he can stretch his body parts via the sand and drain the water from Gaara's body. Crocodile also has his poison hook which is like acid and one cut is enough to kill someone in 5 minuets. He has also shown incredible durability, with being able to get hit by Diamond Jozu who is easily class 100 in strength as he lifted a giant iceburg with ease and threw it like a baseball, he took a full on punch from the guy. So even if we made chakara count for Haki there is not a lot Gaara could do, all in all Crocodile stomps.
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@hitsusatsu11 said:
"Yep Gaara. Croc was beat because Luffy's hand was wet.  "
How? That was in the first arc, he took hits from the 100 tonner Diamond Jozu, Luffy had strength and skill as well as previous knowledge of Crocodile before hand.
@taichokage said:
"been done before. Gaara ftw."

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@Justice: True Gaara's does theoretically  have a limit on chakra, but he keeps the sand in his gourd pre infused with chakra.
Croc can teleport? Do you mean just super speed? Because gaara has also used a sand fliker technique that made him "teleport" (like superspeed teleport, not instant teleport)
If Croc can absorb water, why did luffy's hand being all wet and bloody be so effective? 
The main reason I think gaara wins is because his special sand is infused with chakra, making it >> regular sand, and gaara seemed to have better control of said, and find more uses. Not only did he have an ultimate barrier defense, but he also was clad in sand armor.  
But basically both are sand characters, you could argue Croc may be better h2h, but I think gaara is more powerful via sand. And gaara was able to beat a gated lee and own a weights-off lee, so I don't know id croc's supposed speed advantage will be enough.
And if he still has the shikaku for this then it gives him a big advantage. 
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Well he wad all the way on the other side of the battle dield at mainford, and teleported all the way to the otherside on top of the huge ship Whitebeard was on and attempted to attack him. So I'm guessing it is instant. Garra did show to be able to teleport somewhat but only as means of travle not attack, even so it is pretty slow and he does have to concentraight, Crocodile had absorbed the water from Luffy before their battle and he had a water shooter (Or at least a giant tank of water, I need to re-read that chapter) Luffy used his own blood to hit crocodile and Crocodile absorbes water through his hands not his face which Luffy was hitting, plus he knew to avoid it after it was used on him the first time as just a mean to toy around with him (When croc absorbed the water in his arm in an instant) and much like in his battle with Lucci after getting hit by the first Rokushin (Or whatever he called it)  
Well I don't think Crocodile's sand is regular as it is strong enough to cut through buildings, destroy towns and block attacks from 10 tonners, Gaara does indeed have a defense that I don't think even crocodile's sand storm would go through, but his acid hook, water drain and teleportation could get through that.  
Gaara only won that fight after lee though it was over, if lee had been able to stay in that form like Gai, Gaara would have been down, he barley managed to beat lee via breaking his arm and leg after he could barley even crawl. IF Gaara can use Shuukaku I think he can win this.
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i can understand gaara bein able to manipulate sand but croc can as well but i think he relies on his shield to much like when he fought deidara he thought they couldnt get thru but they did and got blown up and sense croc is made of sand he should theoretically be able to right?
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Well Garra is strong but crocodile can do more with his ppower. I say croc because his power can be used in many more ways then garras. that and garra isn't very good at hand to hand and even if he was he couldn't hit croc any way
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Thats a good question, in regards to Croc absorbing water I mean. He can absorb liquid, and yet, liquid is his weakness. I guess its because it nullifys his logia ability to be intangible. Sand does get all clunky and what not when its wet, it kind of makes sense.
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