Cosmic Spider-Man vs SSJ4 Goku.

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yay more lulz threads to low ball goku

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@Destinyheroknight said:

Goku wins, the only thing I remember about that Spider-man that he have unlimited webs

That's not gonna help.. lol

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@ImDictatorBowDown: If I know correct, the WB Hulk is the strongest cannon. Going by what we see, of course Goku and the others doesn't have so impressive strength feats, and Hulk is a powerhouse beast who lift and throw and smash almost anything he facing. But if you accept that the dbz work by ki, you can think on some things and see it doesn't so inconsistent.

Freeza survived a planet blow. Trunks slashed Freeza. Trunks couldn't slash Goku. Why? Because he was stronger, he had stronger ki than Freeza. Durability. What about low durability feat? That's not inconsistent. The ki is the durability. They control it, and when they calm, or damaged, they ki's are dropped. Low ki=less durability, less power, etc. Goku was very calm, as he enjoyed the sun and everything when Krillin thrown him. I could write more, about the strength and durability, but this is not Hulk vs Goku.

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@mypasswordis1234: What about ssj4 goku getting cut by glass

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@ImDictatorBowDown: They are screwed a few thing in GT, that's why the hating toward it by people. I don't say it isn't contain inconsistent events in DBZ or DBGT, there are PIS and other plot mistakes as in every manga or comic. But we cannot ignored all the feats from db and dbz especially because they become better from every aspect. I don't remember that scene he was cut by glass, there may be some improbably answer I could give :) but it's more simple if we say pis.

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