Cole turner(Charmed) vs Admirals

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After Return from Wasterland

During his time in the Demonic Wasteland, Cole learns that the serpent beast of the Wasteland feeds on the powers of Vanquished Demons. In taking the powers before the serpent is able to, he eventually defeats the serpent, or at least destroys parts of it, making him able to obtain whatever powers are available. He eventually acquires a massive arsenal of demonic powers.

It was never established how many powers Cole acquired, since he returned from the Wasteland 72 hours after Phoebe went there. However, Phoebe later said that Cole had more powers than any demon she'd faced at the time, making it very likely he returned to the Wasteland to get more. This makes it likely Cole had hundreds or even thousands of powers. However, he is only seen using 15 powers on-screen-- fading, freezing time, casting energy balls, and fireballs, telekinesis , and pyrokinesis, force fields, shapeshifting, regeneration, Reconstitution, conjuring, mind control, summoning, Transformation, demonic projection, Molecular Manipulation, Chrono-Telekinesis, Sensing, Super Speed, Super Strength, Invincibility, Immortality and Power Granting as he could grant any of the powers he had to others for a time. Due to the massive amount of powers he absorbed, his blood turned acidic. 
P.S. If those abillities aren't enough he can use Avatars Powers

As Avatar

As an Avatar, Cole possessed the ability of Reality Warping. Given the nature of a Avatar powers, however, we can conclude that Cole's powers were virtually unlimited, and included, but were not limited to, Energy Waves, Spell Casting, Immortality, Invincibility, Lightning bolts, Fire Throwing, Aerokinesis power containing, the ability to create Illusions, Chronokinesis, Summoning, Sensing, the ability to remove people from existence, Resurrection, Regeneration, Molecular Manipulation, teleportation, and time travel.

Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu 
P.S. And if we use Avatar(cole) then you can also add all Logia DF users


Round 1: Cole vs Akokiji
Round 2: Cole vs Kizaru
Round 3: Cole vs Akainu
Round 4: Cole vs all of them
NOTE: He knows all about their abillities and has one day prep for every round(avatar has no prep)
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